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  1. You need a batch file for that. Maybe this thread will help?

    ImgBurn COULD be a virus/malware

    Do you know many viruses / malware tools with a support forum that's been running since 2005? Probably not

    Dubbio DVD quando gira e fa rumore

    This is an English (only) forum, so I have to use Google translate to even attempt to figure out what you're saying. It seems you want to know if it's normal for a dvd player to be louder when playing burnt discs? I don't really have an answer for that, but if they're (DVD-R / DVD+R) set to read faster than perhaps a DVD-ROM would be read, that would explain why it's louder. Beyond that, I'm afraid I have no idea.

    Write Error Burning Gamecube Image

    Try enabling the ‘perform opc before write’ option in the settings and burn another one.

    Delay between sectors in playback

    Make an iso rather than burning to disc, mount it in a virtual drive program and play from the virtual drive.

    CREATE files

    Burning the cue (based on wavs) will give you the ‘final product’. There’s no sense in making a further image of that disc and burning it again.

    complete imgburn needed

    You wrote ~10KiB to the disc. No wonder it didn't play!

    complete imgburn needed

    In an earlier post, you said you had a Blu-ray burner and Blu-ray discs. You're also saying you have a BDMV folder, so where does 'DVD' come into it? Maybe you're just mixing terminology? You're fine to burn a BD Video disc from the BDMV folder onto your Blu-ray discs using your Blu-ray burner.

    CREATE files


    Coverting Droppix DWI/BIN files

    I’ve never come across that image format, so I’m afraid that’s a no, they aren’t supported.
  11. True... but the error messages are from the MMC docs, so you'd have to blame those for being a little vague
  12. As the error message states, (CSS protected) discs need to be authenticated before they can be read. Don't forget that reading and verifying are the same thing. The program is issuing the 'READ' command to the drive either way. An attempt to read a protected sector without having first completed the authentication process will result in that error being returned.

    complete imgburn needed

    Where are you downloading it from? That's not the normal setup file.

    mp3 ACM

    can you post the log please? The fact it's even trying to use ACM means DirectShow already failed.... so there's something odd about the file you're trying to use. Normally it's just down to the album artwork or similar. It could also be in a format that your system can't convert (bad frequency or mono etc).

    Delay between sectors in playback

    dbminter's post pretty much covered it. Your player probably stops and starts because it can't read the disc. You could try and see if setting the write speed to 8x helps, but ultimately, you could do with using better discs.

    CREATE files

    Yes... what he said ^^ The only way to make a BIN/CUE in the program is to Read a disc to an image file. You can't make one from a bunch of audio files (wav files or whatever).

    LabelFlash, Mode Sense and Get Configuration related questions

    The returned data is made up of a mode page header, a block descriptor and then the page itself. So you have to skip the header (8 bytes) and then the block descriptor (size taken from last 2 bytes of the header) in order to then read the actual mode page data. As you've asked for mode page 0x2A, you know the LSB 6 bits (so & with 0x3F) in the first byte should be 0x2A, so you can use that as a sanity check. Bytes 12 and 13 in that mode page are the buffer size and they're set to 0x1000, so that's 4096. So maybe you just aren't parsing the returned data correctly? I also fall back to Mode Sense (6) if Mode Sense (10) doesn't appear to be supported by the drive (invalid command op code or whatever). That may help on some really old drives.

    LabelFlash, Mode Sense and Get Configuration related questions

    1. Still just mode sense. But I stopped specifically checking for 2D (yes, perhaps due to hanging) and instead ask for the full list... then check that list for the presence of 2D. If 2D is supported, it's classed as being labelflash capable. Those liteon drives must report 2D ok and are therefore considered labelflash capable. 2. Not that I know of. I still only use that for the buffer size. 3. Not specifically, no. If the DVD Read feature (001F) is supported, I consider it able to read DVD-RW. Same goes if the DVD-R/-RW Write Feature (002F) is supported.
  19. I'm pretty sure it (VCD) doesn't actually support CUE files. It may be able to mount the BIN, but the resulting virtual drive won't be correct unless the original disc the bin/cue came from was only a single session/track disc.
  20. Daemon Tools can mount cue files
  21. Your bin and cue file combo is already a disc image. Mount the CUE in a program that supports such a thing - or just burn the CUE using Write mode (and a blank CD)
  22. Yes. Your question was how to create a cue that burns 3 bin files. You don’t need to create one, you already have/had it. Just burn it.
  23. You may have missed my previous reply as you replied at the same time. Go ahead and burn the cue from redump. Your image will work fine.
  24. Oh hang on, I’m confused. If you have the cue files, what’s the problem? Just load the cue in write mode and burn it. That’s the whole point of the cue file... to automatically deal with more complex images.
  25. Not quite, your link to you to a site that then linked to redump Totally different sites and there was nothing to say you’d seen the redump one.

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