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  1. LZeppelin

    MadFlac installation problem

    Thanks for getting back with me! Figured it out this morning. It wouldn't let me install under a regular user account in windows, even running the file as an admin. It worked however when I logged into windows with my admin account and installed it from there. Thanks again!
  2. LZeppelin

    MadFlac installation problem

    I was wondering if anybody could tell me why I am unable to install madFlac. When I double click on installation I get this, "Registering the DirectShow filter “madFlac.ax” failed." Is there something else that I need to install first? I'm hitting a wall and don't have a clue as to what I'm doing wrong. I have windows 7 32bit installed. Thanks in advance for any help! JV
  3. LZeppelin

    FLAC problems

    Thank you very much and for the fast response! Works perfectly now! Jan
  4. LZeppelin

    FLAC problems

    I am having trouble creating a cd cue file. When I add tracks to the cue file I receive this error: E 17:33:10 ConnectFilters(Source, Sample Grabber) Failed! E 17:33:10 File Name: C:\Users\Jan\Downloads\1994.01.17 Buenos Aires, Argentina - Robert Plant (FM)\01 - Track 01.flac E 17:33:10 Reason: No combination of intermediate filters could be found to make the connection. E 17:33:10 Hint: You may need to install some additional DirectShow filters in order to support files of this type or the file might be corrupt. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Jan

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