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  1. princenigma

    How to create MDS files from the command-line

    just read the post I also think this is a very good suggestion. maybe net build ?
  2. princenigma

    bug or not ?

    Thanks 4 fast reply. I will do more research
  3. princenigma

    bug or not ?

    recently I found when burning a dvd, and launch another imgburn.exe ,the burning process failed. is there something in settings I can adjust or I simply did the forbidden action
  4. i always want this feature to be implemented not just from select list best regards
  5. princenigma

    2.4.2 mds format change

    no problem, thanks again for this best free utility
  6. princenigma

    2.4.2 mds format change

    I see, Thanks for the tips . have a nice day
  7. princenigma

    2.4.2 mds format change

    but that's make full path name option useless and i need that function for all time
  8. princenigma

    2.4.2 mds format change

    in 2.4.1 ,create dvd mds tool give me a mds that i can see "c:\file.i00" " c:\file.i01" ... in it in 2.4.2 , no matter i check us ansi or not , i can't get same result as 2.4.1 is there a way to create 2.4.1 style DVD mds file ? best regards
  9. in 2.3.2 when I save ibb,next time ImgBurn remember last saved location. and in it seems always be "ibb files" folder

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