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    Burn from within a Web page?

    Yes, ActiveX controls are downloaded from the Web server, or simply loaded from the local medium (e.g., CD or hard disk) if the html page is local. My thought was that an ActiveX would allow the ImgBurn functionality to be invoked from a browser that is rendering an HTML page. Based on user input, the HTML code would invoke ImgBurn as a method, passing the ISO file as a parameter. Downloading and registration of the ImgBurn control happens automatically, but only the first time it is invoked. Updates would also happen automatically if a new version of the control is put on the server (or local medium).
  2. I would find it very useful if a variant of ImgBurn would allow a user to initiate burning from within a Web page without having to manually download the ImgBurn executable first. Perhaps an implementation of ImgBurn as an ActiveX control would allow this? Nevertheless, a very nice little program you have created!
  3. TMed

    ImgBurn v1.0.0.0 Released!

    Very nice tool! Have you ever considered implementing an ActiveX version that can be placed on a Web page?

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