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    Problem with ImgBurn shortcuts

    Thanks for answering, even if it turned out it didn't really have anything to do with ImgBurn. Now I've tracked down the culprit: Moon Software's Shell Tools - to be more specific, the RegisterServer Shell Extension. Did a bit of experimenting, and as soon as that one was turned off, the problem was solved. The thing that puzzled me at first was that this happened only with the ImgBurn shortcuts. Guess I'll have to report the problem to Moon Software instead :-)
  2. First of all: Thanks for a great free program, I really like it! There may be a problem with the shortcuts generated by the ImgBurn installer ( I've tried downloading again / reinstalling, and even tested it on 2 computers, both running Windows XP Pro, SP3. The same thing happens every time: If I try to right-click a shortcut/lnk-file to ImgBurn, Explorer goes bananas. First it will hang for a long time, then it may close a window etc, but I never get far enough to see the context menu. The same thing happens if I try to delete the shortcut - I actually had to go to a Command window and use the old DEL command to get rid of it. Also, it doesn't seem to matter if the shortcut is in the Start menu, on my Desktop, or in my QuickLaunch. Maybe I'm the only one having this problem, but feedback would be appreciated. hartvix

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