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  1. Thor2000

    BluRay newby Learning

    Thanks Lightning, I will have to get a couple of those.
  2. Thor2000

    BluRay newby Learning

    I hope someone can and or will help me. I have these bluray files just under 25 gig and have the proper folders. Supposedly a true bluray rip. I used Imgburn version and as per instructions selecting BUILD and have it set to: Data Type = Mode1/2048 File System = UDF UDF Revision = 2.50 Burnt it on a Verbatim BD-R (my Panasonic will accept those) After burning, my computer using Power DVD plays it perfectly. Awsome quality. In my Panasonic, it starts to read, sees it as a Bluray but then nothing. All I can do it select Eject. Play does nothing. In my Playstation, it reads it and starts to play. Awesome sound quality, but no video. Three different machines,,,,,,,,,,,,three different results. Like I said folks, I am new at bluray and HD files and must admit I am getting frustrated. Out of 12 BD-R disks, I have made 10 coasters. OUCH! Well, at least they aren't $10 each anymore. If the darn files were not so huge, I would love to pass it on to someone knowledgeable in this for analysis. I am sure because I am new, I am leaving out information needed for total help. Please bare with me and please help me with this. Thank you so much. Thor

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