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  1. MiLO

    Can't Burn More Files To An Image

    I know, I'm not english native. First you say you have to burn a bootable .iso and want to add an additional file, now you came with a .rar. What I see in the picture is not an OS instalation disc and even it is in an .iso that you see and think it is a .rar, because you let WinRAR to associate and open .iso files, you can't make it bootable. So, if you have a real OS instalation disc as bootable .iso and want a .text file in it that eventualy will work as it should, you know by now what to do. If it's realy a .rar just extract to a temp directory, add what you want and use Build mode. Thanx. This is solved for me then. Thank You
  2. MiLO

    Can't Burn More Files To An Image

    What do I press here??
  3. MiLO

    Can't Burn More Files To An Image

    Thank You!! I installed it, and it looks like its doing it. Thanx
  4. MiLO

    Can't Burn More Files To An Image

    Does this need any setting up, to make *.iso bootable?? Can you please provide me a link for this program??? Also, is it a freeware?? THANK YOU
  5. MiLO

    Can't Burn More Files To An Image

    What you don't understand is: aside from this bootable *.rar file, I want include another little tiny *.txt file with a serial number.
  6. MiLO

    Can't Burn More Files To An Image

    I take it back. Dude, you gave me a guide how to burn a bootable ISO. I know how to do that. I have a different problem!! But thank you
  7. MiLO

    Can't Burn More Files To An Image

    It's an OS I'll try to stick it in to the *.iso file. Thanx
  8. MiLO

    Can't Burn More Files To An Image

    What do I do then?? I need to burn an *.iso file, make sure it’s bootable, and then I need to add another little file to that disk. If not this program, what CAN do this for me then?? Thank You For Your Help.
  9. Hi Folks. After I burn a bootable image to a DVD, I can't add any other files to it. And I need to. Can you please help with an easy question? What settings do I need to change, so that the disk with burnt image wouldn't be write-protected? Thank You people
  10. This is the exact same thing!! I just wasted another CD!! Do you understand what I want??? I know how to make the CD bootable. I want to be able to add files to it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Thank You. Please wait a sec!!
  12. Thank You. So how should I do this then?? I can't add files to it after the burn.
  13. Hi people. I want to create a bootble CD, and I also need to place one small TXT file on it after its created. I did only %50 of this. I burned a bootable CD. But I can't add anything to it. It says something about "Write-Protected". How do I fix this? But still make CD/DVD bootble. Thank You Guys!!

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