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  1. turnkit

    Can't write HD DVD-RW?

    I am wanting to find a HD DVD-RW drive, the Toshiba SD-L912A, but I can't seem to find one. The media is currently available in eBay.com (US) site: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Brand-new-Ritek-Toshiba-HD-DVD-RW-15GB-Blank-Media-pack-of-3-discs/263804334044 Would you be willing to sell me the SD-L912A drive after testing? Maybe we can work something out.
  2. turnkit


    Dear LUK, Yes please add support for .dmg! Even if it only works w/ the external dmg2img added as an option.
  3. turnkit

    DMG file format support

    Yes, please add .dmg files. I am trying out http://www.poweriso.com/tutorials/burn-dmg-file.htm -- works free for under 300 MB. Haven't tried it yet so pls no flaming. Please add .dmg file support to imgburn!
  4. Request a feature that allows me to burn layer one onto a DVD+RW only of a dual layer disc. I know most people don't need this but currently imgburn will say that the dual layer disc won't fit, and then ask if it should burn anyway. When I say "yes" it errors out: E 14:25:04 Failed to Reserve Track! - Reason: Invalid Field in CDB E 14:25:07 Operation Failed! - Duration: 00:00:08 It would be nice if the 2nd layer could be ignored. Right now as a work around I wrote a little batch script using a cygwin dd.exe that splits the .iso image into it's first half and burns this. This just takes a lot of unnecessary time and copying but does work around the problem. Ideally if the menu's or jacket picture were on layer two a warning could be flagged (and if easily done) the content could be offered to move to disc one. Don't mean it to be complicated but even a simple "half burn" feature would be useful so I can check menus and layer one content. thanks for considering.
  5. Would you consider implementing DSD image burning? Basically the feature would allow users to drop FLAC files into ImgBurn and ImgBurn could create DVD's in the DSD format which are playable under Windows Media (with plugin) and on PlayStation3 systems, as well as SA-CD players. It would not be a simple addition but would be very unique and much needed. Specs on the DSD format are here: http://www.ps3sacd.com/downloads/DSDDiscFormatSpecs.pdf sample FLAC files can be found here: http://ff123.net/samples.html You can read more about the general DSD issues here: http://www.ps3sacd.com/dsddiscguide.html Hope this is seriously considered! It would be a huge step forward for an easy way to listen to high-end audio recordings!
  6. I get this error message on some .img/[.iso] files (but not many), "Optimal L1 Data Zone Start LBA: None Found! (VTS_06) This image has not been mastered correctly for burning onto a double layer (OTP Track Path) disc. None of the cells meet the 'DVD-Video specification' criteria for a potential layer break position. Do you want to continue anyway?" Right now the message won't show until I enter a blank disc and then hit burn... if, of course, the image has this problem. Would you consider modifying the burn program so that this test is run without requiring a blank DL disc to be sacrificed to tell if it will work?
  7. Please add a way to burn the data which can be burned from a .cmf file. Optionally please add a '.cmf to .iso converter' which will strip off the unused info and just leave a useful .iso image. Thanks for (re-)considering this option. (p.s. sorry if this is already in the forum suggestion -- the forum does not allow searching on less than 4 characters so it's impossible to search for 'cmf' or '.cmf')
  8. turnkit

    DDP / CMF output format

    Wish adding .cmf support would interest people. Imgburn is starting to be used by more professional users. I've seen the netblender guys using it in their demo suite to burn a one-off disc for instance. (Netblender makes dostudio blu-ray authoring software.) Would be very useful to have a .cmf burning software or a utility to convert from (or to) .cmf. If you are writing imgburn, please add .cmf support. Ok LUK - thanks for looking. Cheers maa
  9. Does ImgBurn respect the layerbreak position specfied within an .IMG file and let me use that location as a default? I understand DVD Studio Pro and AfterEdit will both allow an .img file creation and will give layerbreak info in the img file. This would be a good feature if it is currently is not implimented! Even if it is... it is currently unclear where the "suggested" layer break comes from and how it is derived. Would be an improvement to provide some descriptive text for the user explaining how the layerbreak that is suggested is derived and what benefit each option has. (Am referring to DVD+R DL burns.)

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