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  1. dbminter

    Delay between sectors in playback

    Be aware that the current Taiyo Yuden is not the same company of old. The old company used to make some of the best quality media out there, and then they decided to get out of the market. Their brand name was bought by CMC Magnetics, which makes the worst media on the market. So, it goes to reason that CMC probably just slapped a well known name on their junk media to mislead people.
  2. dbminter

    TSSTcorp CDDVD SH-S202J SB03 won't read disc

    USB enclosures have their own power supplies. Internally, there's a power cable to connect to the drive. Why crack open the case to add a card when connecting by USB is so much easier? And with USB 3.0, you've got enough speed to communicate with a BD drive's need for data.
  3. dbminter

    TSSTcorp CDDVD SH-S202J SB03 won't read disc

    What I do since it's hard to find actual prefabricated USB BD burners anymore that are of quality that aren't slim line models is I buy an internal BD drive and put it in an enclosure. You can't always go by what it says on the box as for the maximum write rate. Pioneer and LG drives say BD-R is rated at 6x max but you put in a Verbatim BD-R and you will generally get 12x in the Pioneer BDR-2209 and LG's WH1xNSx0 models. DVD Video discs are just data discs. In fact, everything but an Audio CD and some Playstation 1/2 game CD's (PS2 DVD games are data discs.) are data discs. DVD Video has just had some file system specifications particularly set for the DVD standard. So, there's really no way to burn a DVD Video disc as anything other than a DVD Video disc and expect it to play in a standalone DVD player. It's already a data disc.
  4. dbminter

    TSSTcorp CDDVD SH-S202J SB03 won't read disc

    Yeah, the dual lasers being a reason why my BD writers never got to 24x even though they're LG's was my possible explanation. I don't know that, of course. Just a shot in the dark. All my drives are external so I can't really "stack" them inside a case like I used to since Dell removed half height bays from their cases. And I just barely have room on my desktop for the external BD I've set up. Even then, that writer has to sit on its side. So, I've pretty much limited to just one and I don't want to have to swap in and out a drive just to get some possible faster writes. I've used both the inkjet printable and branded DVD+R DL just fine. I always use the inkjet just in case some day I get a label capable printer someday and can print labels to them. And, if I don't, I can write to the surface with a CD marker. If you never plan on using a CD label printer, you can save a good amount of money going for the branded surface. Or, if they make them, I don't know, you can get the silver shiny surface kind to use a CD marker on. You'll have the entire surface area to write a note on instead of the relatively useless little amount of space on the branded surface ones.
  5. dbminter

    TSSTcorp CDDVD SH-S202J SB03 won't read disc

    I use the 8x Verbatim DVD+R DL myself. But, I don't do things like disc scans to see how they turn out. As long as they burn and play all the way through, it doesn't really matter to me. Of course, if you get the slower media, it should burn "better" but you had been getting miscompares on slower burns with other types of media. So, it's sort of a toss up.
  6. dbminter

    CREATE files

    Yes, I should have been clearer before about the Create CUE File function. That won't create BIN/CUE files, just CUE files that write the converted audio files directly to a CD-R as an Audio CD.
  7. dbminter

    CREATE files

    Depends on what you're intending to do. Are you trying to create BIN/CUE from discs with WAV files on them or are you trying to create audio CD's from the WAV files on these discs? If you're trying to create BIN/CUE from discs, use the Read mode in ImgBurn. (If you select in the settings to create .CCD files for Virtual CloneDrive/CloneCD, then you won't get BIN/CUE but IMG files.) If you're in the EZ Mode Picker, you'll want the Create image file from disc option. If you're trying to create audio CD's from the WAV files, you'll want the Create CUE File option under Tools.
  8. I really couldn't say. Here in the US, we only have the one kind of Verbatim BD-R, which doesn't say anything about being AZO like some of their higher quality CD-R and DVD-/+R/R DL. However, they seem to be of high quality because I rarely have write errors that aren't the result of bad/dying hardware. At Office Depot here, they sell 10 packs of Verbatim BD-R for about $17. At the current exchange rate, that's about 13 Pounds. So, you're getting better deals. But, I get a better deal from Amazon.com ordering 25 of the same thing for $20. I only get the Office Depot ones when I need some right away.
  9. dbminter

    TSSTcorp CDDVD SH-S202J SB03 won't read disc

    LG made the slim model BD in the Dell XPS 8930 I got last year. But, it's a real stinker. Only writes at about half the speed of my half height LG WH16NS60. If it's just a DVD writer, then I wouldn't be interested in it, probably. I need BD writing now, too, as a lot of my backups go to BD-R. BD writers may be capped at 16x because they use 2 lasers, one for CD and DVD and one for the wavelength of BD. Maybe having 2 lasers would cap the ultimate write speed of the DVD laser? Don't know.
  10. To be honest, I wasn't sold on the firmware being the problem. BD media has never been problematic over the firmware releases over the years. It was DVD-/+RW. So, don't worry about regressing the firmware as that won't help. As I said, I'm more betting on the Verbatim BD-R media fixing the issue.
  11. I'd wait and see what your results are with the Verbatim BD-R first before I'd be worried about anything else. I've never used nothing but Verbatim BD-R in many Pioneer BDR-2209 units and the 1 BD-209 that I had with very few issues. However, it has to be said that Pioneer keeps borking their firmware releases for the BDR-2209. That's why I no longer recommend their BD burners. The latest 1.52 firmware destroys 6x Ritek DVD-RW and 8x Ritek DVD+RW will always fail Verify until the first write of these discs in another non Pioneer drive (Or a Pioneer with firmware 1.50.) is performed on them. If you're adventurous and don't want to wait for those Verbatim to arrive, you can always try regressing the firmware back to 1.50 and see if you get better results. 1.50 was the last working firmware for that drive, IMO. You'd have to snag the 1.50 firmware from firmwarehq, extract it with 7-Zip, and find online the tool to reflash older firmware to the Pioneer BDR-209. It's some work, but there's information out there. And, if you look around on this forum, I posted somewhere else how to regress firmware on a Pioneer BDR-2209. I've done it a few times regressing borked firmware 1.32 and 1.33 back to 1.31 before 1.50 fixed all outstanding issues I had found. Also, I've never used an SATA to USB adapter with a BDR-2209 before. I've used VanTech and Other World Computing Mercury Pro ODD enclosures. The VanTech is junk, but the Mercury Pro does the trick with one issue I encountered. But, that's somewhat technical to get into. It's definitely better than the VanTech, which drops communication randomly with the drive!
  12. dbminter

    TSSTcorp CDDVD SH-S202J SB03 won't read disc

    My experience with LG's as readers is they're not the best. I've had several discs where LG's wouldn't read them but my Pioneer would.
  13. dbminter

    TSSTcorp CDDVD SH-S202J SB03 won't read disc

    What LG drive are you using where you're getting 24x write rate on DVD+R? I'm using the WH16NS60 BD writer. And I'll be switching over to DVD+R soon, so I'm curious if I can get 24x on mine, too.
  14. dbminter

    TSSTcorp CDDVD SH-S202J SB03 won't read disc

    Funny story; I actually DID have a disc fly out of a drive once! I had just finished a read operation and ejected the tray manually. The disc flew up out of the tray like a helicopter! Didn't go high but high enough. To this day, I still can't explain how it actually physically happened.
  15. dbminter

    TSSTcorp CDDVD SH-S202J SB03 won't read disc

    I'm surprised you'd ever actually get to 24x write speed. On my 16x media, a full DVD-R just barely gets to 16x by the time 100% of the data is written to it.

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