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  1. If your DVD/BD player upscales DVD video output, it will look much better than if it didn't have upscaling. So, while converting to DVD would result in resolution loss, upscaling probably makes up for some of that.
  2. Yeah, I was wondering if he might need to create a Blu-Ray video disc to keep such a resolution.
  3. Some DVD/BD players do play MP4 files, like the Playstation 3. It depends on if the player was designed to natively support them, which the device's instruction manual will say so or not. Or you can do tests and see if they will play MP4/AVI on your own, but you should use rewritable media for that. DVD Video is contained in a folder called VIDEO_TS which contains .IFO control files and .VOB files, which are the actual audio and video files (VideoOBject). ConvertXToDVD will convert container files to VIDEO_TS compliant folders and files that you can import the VIDEO_TS folder into ImgBurn's Build mode with. ImgBurn will set all the necessary options for DVD Video compliance by itself. Keep in mind ConvertXToDVD will generate its own proprietary menus but there are several menu types to choose from and, for the adventurous, you can edit the menus to fit your own design. I've never done that as I find the standard menus are fine for me, but it's an option. As for resolution on DVD, the resolution in the container file is unimportant, I think. For DVD, resolution only exists, as far as I know, in standard screen (full screen) and widescreen (16x9). If you want better resolution controls, I don't know what to say except that ConvertXToHD by the same company as ConvertXToDVD may be what you need, but that only creates Blu-Ray discs. You can contact them to see which option is better for you to try out and if they can tell if there's a way to preserve the video resolution. ConvertXtoDVD has a free 7 day trial function which is uncrippled except for watermarks on video output, I think. You can try it out for yourself and see if it creates something you'd be happy with before buying it.
  4. Well, first, does your DVD player support playing AVI file from a disc? Have you done this before and the DVD player played the disc? If your DVD player doesn't support playing back AVI files natively, then, you cannot do what you did and get a playable DVD. You cannot just drag and drop an AVI to a disc for burning and get a DVD player to play it unless your DVD player natively supports AVI file types. If your DVD player does not support AVI playback, you'll need a DVD conversion software like ConvertXToDVD, which is what I use. If you have successfully created DVD's with AVI's on them that your DVD player has played in the past, then, post the log of the burn where you wrote this AVI to disc. I'd need to see more detail.
  5. dbminter

    What is the Volume Set Identifier?

    Yeah, I once asked what this was. And, I also commented that it appears to be random. Check out the answer here: Click on the title of the post in the embed above to open the original thread.
  6. dbminter

    How to Open MDS file?

    Yeah, I think .MDS files are binary files, which means you won't be able to get much "English" sense out of viewing the contents. Hence why they can't be opened in a text editor. They only function with a dedicated application that can read them, like Daemon Tools or ImgBurn.
  7. dbminter

    Trying to burn files in a chosen order

    BTW, if you wanted to make a data CD with the tracks in a particular order or an MP3 CD with another application, what you do is you add numbers to the start of each MP3's file name. For instance 01 - First File.MP3, 02 - Second File.MP3, etc. Oh, wait, I think Cholla just said that as part of that previous reply.
  8. dbminter

    Any way to make this POS media work?

    The only thing I can think of trying, though it probably won't matter in this case, is use one of these discs where you haven't tried Test mode on it, if you haven't already tried it. As I said, I doubt it will make a difference, but that's about my only advice. I've never heard of this media, so, as you say, you'll probably just need MCC/Verbatim/DataLife Plus/AZO CD-R. Sometimes, Test mode actually can render a disc as partially "written."
  9. dbminter

    Newbie dumb question

    I had a feeling you were referencing a flash drive with the phrase transistor drive. In ImgBurn, copying means reading a disc in an optical drive to an image file on another storage media, usually a hard drive. This image file is then burned to a recordable optical disc in a burner. Burning doesn't necessarily have to be copying, though, as you can use Build mode to create an image file for burning to a recordable disc. Flash drives cannot be "burned" to in ImgBurn. I would guess as long as you left it plugged in, you could Read an optical disc to an image file or Build an image file to a flash drive. But, you can't burn to flash drives in ImgBurn. Burning only applies to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray writers. (Well, though I've never gotten it to work, if you had a virtual drive that could be written to, I suppose ImgBurn could burn to such a virtual writer.)
  10. dbminter

    Newbie dumb question

    What's a transistor drive?
  11. dbminter

    Thumbnails and viewing pics

    As for the first part, you probably have Details checked under View in File/Windows Explorer. Try enabling Large Icons and see if it displays the contents of the images off of the disc you're talking about. As for the 2nd part, as Ch3 said, that's down to whatever application you're using to view image files does. You'd have to figure out how it behaves or change the viewer you're using to something like the Windows default application.
  12. dbminter

    Trying to burn files in a chosen order

    What you've created is just a data CD with MP3's on it. If your player supports playing MP3 files from the disc, it will play them, but they will be displayed in alphabetical order because that's how they're arranged on the disc. As the other poster said, you'll want to create a CUE file. That's the only way to create a standard audio CD that will play as a music CD. And that will create the tracks on the CD in the order you place them.
  13. dbminter

    Optical drive configured in RAID mode

    I've been seriously considering using Reflect's redeploy function to restore an image of my PC after changing the BIOS setting from RST to AHCI. I've just never done anything like this before, so I'm a bit iffy on it.
  14. dbminter

    Optical drive configured in RAID mode

    Could it have something to do with Dell's now being configured for Rapid Storage Technology as their controller versus AHCI? At least, I think that's how they are factory shipped.
  15. My internal optical drive is configured in RAID mode according to ImgBurn. How exactly can an optical drive be configured in RAID mode? What is it mirrored against? I admit I'm not familiar with RAID as I've never had a setup with mirrored drives before. But, I don't see what's the benefit for an optical drive? And even how can it be in RAID mode? Thanks!

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