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  1. dbminter

    TSSTcorp CDDVD SH-S202J SB03 won't read disc

    My DVD-R's should arrive tomorrow. New ConvertXToDVD gold version released! - 0013736: [Bug] [VSORep] disabled emails appears on the pre-filled box - 0013764: [Bug] [VSORep] closed ticket if we cannot retrieve the status - 0013772: [Bug] Subtitles issue -> red subtitle with green border - 0013788: [Suggestion] [HELP MENU] Change "Report a bug" to "Support Center" + icon
  2. dbminter

    TSSTcorp CDDVD SH-S202J SB03 won't read disc

    Actually, turns out the problem was with that particular .VRO as I cannot recreate the issue by creating new multiple stream recorded VRO. So, the entire problematic4 GB VRO must be sent to VSO for analysis. I've already submitted another bug report with the files attached, but because of its size, it's awaiting pending approval for sending to VSO. Got an Amazon.com order just shipped today of some new Verbatim DataLife Plus inkjet printable MCC DVD-R's. I'll swap in the WH16NS60 for testing these DVD-R's and see if they work. If they do, then, the BDR-212 goes out of cycle and the NS60 is cycled back in as my primary use device.
  3. dbminter

    TSSTcorp CDDVD SH-S202J SB03 won't read disc

    Discovered a pretty fatal bug in ConvertXToDVD that goes back at least a year. If you import a VRO file that is made up of multiple recordings on a Panasonic DVD Video recorder, regardless of the contents running time, ConvertXToDVD only imports/converts 1 minute of contents. I regressed from to 64 and it does it then, too. Even on 69 Beta. I know VRO works because this failing VRO is just under 2 hours and I had an over 2 hour VRO that converted in 64 a few months ago. The only difference was that VRO was one recorded stream, whereas this failing VRO is made up of 4 separate recordings. I submitted both a bug report and on the VSO forums.
  4. dbminter

    Can you automated common burns? (DVD Data)

    There are command line switches to ImgBurn, but I've never used them before. You could create a .BAT file calling ImgBurn.exe with these parameters to automate the process. Then, all you'd have to do is create 10 different .BAT files because each one would have a different input/output name. Just double click on the .BAT file and it executes. However, someone else will have to tell you about the command line parameters, as I've never used them before, sorry.
  5. Have you used this software before and it didn't do this? Because it seems to be the default behavior of the output of this software. To reload the video at the end of playback. However, since this appears to be BD Video related, I know next to nothing about how that behaves.
  6. dbminter

    Medium Format Corrupted error

    Funny, the exact same thing happened again on the first disc from a different stack of BD-R's! Medium corrupt error but a 2nd attempt to burn it starts. Weird. So, it must be something going wrong with this Pioneer crap. It seems the reason the 2nd attempt works is because no actual data was written before the failure. It says 0 KB written when I cancel the operation.
  7. As he said, the problem is the authoring software you're using to create VIDEO_TS folders for DVD Video is starting automatic playback of the title when you play the disc. Now, if you mean automatic play means when you insert the disc it starts playing the Blu-Ray on your player, that's a problem with your Blu-Ray player.
  8. dbminter

    Medium Format Corrupted error

    I echo your last statement. I was completely surprised the 2nd attempt to write to it actually worked.
  9. dbminter

    TSSTcorp CDDVD SH-S202J SB03 won't read disc

    Verify rates depend on three factors: 1.) the rated fastest read speed in the firmware for a particular medium 2.) the highest rated read rate as defined by the manufacturer on the medium 3.) the highest maximum available speed as defined by the hardware. Oh, and the software being used has some say in it. For instance, a software may be crippled to a slower rate, despite the available fastest speed. And, yes, you can get Verify rates much faster than the write rate. For instance, before Pioneer blew it with the firmware, my Memorex BD-RE would write at 2x but Verify up to like 8x towards the end.
  10. dbminter

    TSSTcorp CDDVD SH-S202J SB03 won't read disc

    There's a slew of new VSO beta software released. ConvertXtoDVD - Latest beta - ConvertXtoHD - Latest beta - ConvertXtoVideo - Latest beta - DVD&Blu-ray Converter - Latest beta - For me, the most important release is ConvertXToDVD. Change log: Released 2019-11-13 Yet another subtitle bug fixed ============================================== 0013736: [Bug] [VSORep] disabled emails appears on the pre-filled box 0013764: [Bug] [VSORep] closed ticket if we cannot retrieve the status 0013772: [Bug] Subtitles issue -> red subtitle with green border 0013788: [Suggestion] [HELP MENU] Change "Report a bug" to "Support Center" + icon So, it looks like VSO won't be jumping straight to 8.0's 64 bit release as they indicated in the past, but will release an interim version.
  11. dbminter

    TSSTcorp CDDVD SH-S202J SB03 won't read disc

    Looks like the volume issue I had in ConvertXToDVD Gold was file dependent. I made another disc with a different source file and didn't experience a drastic rise in volume level on it.
  12. dbminter

    Erasing a DVD +RW disc hangs

    Actually, I believe the GT80N is an LG drive. Just that other companies rebrand them as OEM equipment for their machines. See this: https://www.lg.com/us/burners-drives/lg-GT80N-internal-dvd-writer
  13. dbminter

    Erasing a DVD +RW disc hangs

    This 2nd PC you're erasing on, are you using the same GT80N DVD burner in it, too? It could be that the GT80N does not like that CMC MAG disc you're using.
  14. dbminter

    Erasing a DVD +RW disc hangs

    Try something else other than CMC MAG discs. CMC Magnetics is the worst optical disc manufacturer out there. It wouldn't be a surprise if that was the culprit. The problem is finding DVD+RW that AREN'T CMC. Try to see if you find any from Verbatim that are DataLife Plus. However, Verbatim was recently sold to, yes, you guessed, CMC, so it's a crap shoot what you'll get now! You could try Ritek/Ricoh, which makes 4x and 8x DVD+RW, but it's becoming harder to find 8x DVD+RW from them.
  15. dbminter

    TSSTcorp CDDVD SH-S202J SB03 won't read disc

    Oh, also about the BD-RE Verifying slowly. While it can be "lived" with, e.g. the burn process and Verify complete fine, because the Verify is capped at 2.1x for most of the Verify, a BD-RE filled to its capacity would take about 40 minutes to finish Verifying! When it can be completed much quicker in other drives. Although not the LG BU40N which is my current internal drive. That's super slow, at, well, everything! That's why I want to get some working high quality Verbatim DataLife Plus DVD recordable media working with the LG WH16NS60. While it can't write 16x Verbatim BD-R at 16x (Although LG's site rates the drive at 16x write max for BD-R! ) it can properly write to 8x DVD+RW each time and it Verifies Memorex/Ritek 2x BD-RE at full Verify speeds. So, I'd prefer to use that drive over the Pioneer BDR-212.

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