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  1. I'm getting some burning problems with dual layer discs. I've used 2 different brands and got all failed. Any help, please? Here's the log: Quote
  2. tbeat03

    Burn Dual Layered Disc from ISO Problem

    I'm getting some burning problems with dual layer discs. I've used 2 different brands and got all failed. Here's the log:
  3. tbeat03

    problem burning dvdrs

    It worked on the single-layered discs, and just one DL disc. I've just set to the appropriate speed. Thank you Lightning UK!! I uninstalled the drive and restarted the computer. And got burnt the DL. Tried to burn 2 different dvd9 discs, using the same proccess and got failed. Also, I think it could've been associated with the recent temperature that the notebook got after burning some discs, so that's a reason I could explain for rejecting burning a DL disc. I'm wondering if I buy an external DVD-RW drive I'll successfully burn all the DL DVDs. Just like this one: http://produto.mercadolivre.com.br/MLB-438865731-gaveta-p-dv...nd-com-conexo-e-sata-e-usb-_JM any opinions? anyway, thanks a lot for the help!
  4. tbeat03

    problem burning dvdrs

    Today, firstly I've tried to burn 2 DUAL LAYER discs with no success. After that, I successfully burned a single layer disc, but when I've tried to burn another single layer disc, it gave me an error: What's the problem? I've always burned lots of DL and single layer discs, but at random times it doesn't work and I loose lots of media! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot!!
  5. tbeat03

    Can't burn FLAC + CUE files

    it worked! Thank you! It's strange, 'cause I never installed madflac to get the program burning cue+flac files. Neither I have installed another program that could cause some kind of change on the system. Suddenly imgburn stopped doing that action. Thanks again!
  6. It also says "ConnectFilter (Source, Sample Grabber) Failed!" I've installed madflac, uninstalled and reinstalled again, but still gives the same message and I can't burn the files. Any solutions? Thank you!
  7. Hi. I have some lossless dvds that I've downloaded from internet which I burnt as data-dvd, just for safety, but now I'm trying to copy some of these dvds to hd and burn them on video-dvd and it can't copy! I tried to make an iso file from these discs on imgburn and it always give me errors. It's kind of frustrating, 'cause the discs are in perfect shape, no risks, no damages at all. What do you suggest for me? Any specific program that can solve this? ps: my dvd writer is samsung TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S222A I'll appreciate your help. thanks a lot

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