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    why wont it burn ??

    Hello again I understand and now using Imgburn I have tried ImImburn and the same thing happens. I do not know how to save the log. I have now found that using my net work I can back up from my pc to lap top and burn from there and everything apears OK at the moment. I thought it may have been the disks, but I am using the same on my laptop. It could be my writer its a sony but it records music from windows media player ok.
  2. brian w midgley

    why wont it burn ??

    Hi All. loaded up shrink and decypter. Hey presto i backed up my dvd.s no proplems. Then all of a sudden it stopped working. Got I/O error device scsi status ox 02 check condition COB: 2A 00 00 03 57 EO 00 000 20 00 interpritation wrtite 10 sections 219104-72190 sense area 71 00 write error. does any body know what this is could it be the disks I have tried 10 more all the same. I have also tried easy cd after 40 mins it stops. some disks burn some of the way. I have looked at dma but cannot alter it ?

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