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  1. Hey I've updated the file based on the current Danish translation and copy/pasting/translating entries missing from the Norwegian translation - so I didn't use the DKlang program. It seems to work fine anyway? Well here you go Edited: Oh sorry, I missed that the Constants part was messed up - e.g. not adding new things at the bottom Well, compared the docs with a special program, added all the missing parts, and now it should be good, right? Edited2: Omg... I didn't realize that I was using the old version of ImgBurn (no wonder my translation worked, huh? O___o) - Sorry about that guys!!! Anyway now I've got the new one and went though all menus and stuff and updated the combo-box errors in all the menus, don't think I've missed anything if so please tell me what. danish.lng
  2. starsfire

    Danish translation [FIXED - v2]

    Soo, is it okay now or what?

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