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  1. ejames82

    make my own xp install cd. failed. biosinfo.inf

    i tried three different disks. 1. with both the biosinfo.inf file and the system32 folder in i386. when trying to boot with disk, received reply "file/i386/system32/biosinfo.inf could not be loaded error code 14" 2. placed biosinfo.inf inside system32 folder. on boot with this disk, a text screen comes up "please insert xp professional disk in A/: drive" i need to hunt down what i assume is a xp pro boot disk to see if this will lead anywhere. i can't think of any other kind of disk the vague message is referring to. 3. deleted the biosinfo.inf file. this disk also returned the message "file/i386/system32/biosinfo.inf could not be loaded error code 14" so nothing worked so far. imgburn worked good though. thanks for letting me use the forum.
  2. ejames82

    make my own xp install cd. failed. biosinfo.inf

    lightning UK! i just did a little research and disk with the error doesn't have a system32 folder, while the disks that boot and work properly do (of course, i intend to "borrow" a system32 folder). where the addition of the "biosinfo.inf" came from, i don't know. that file does exist on all disks.??? i mentioned earlier in the thread that this computer WAS infected. the disappearance of the system32 folder had to be as a result of the infection and/or cleaning process. i promise that after i replace the system32 folder, reburn, and try out the new disk, to post the results (if i am not wearing out my welcome). it'll be tomorrow after work.
  3. ejames82

    make my own xp install cd. failed. biosinfo.inf

    eSkRo, appreciate the links, i've already seen them. i'm just about on the verge of using n'lite, though i havent yet. i'll get there soon. lightning UK, thanks for the product(s)! i'll try to get an answer to that question before i go to work. "Does the file actually exist in that folder on the disc?" from the research i've done, i think it has to do with recovery console. one guy with a similar problem tried to replace the biosinfo.inf file with a known clean one, but still kept getting the error. after he deleted the file the bootup worked.
  4. ejames82

    make my own xp install cd. failed. biosinfo.inf

    eSkRo, yes, i have to admit that imgburn worked properly. it always does for me. it was worth a shot to ask.
  5. Hi, my skill level is about intermediate. recently i have successfully performed the procedure described at this site: http://www.howtohaven.com/system/createwindowssetupdisk.shtml the author has given the procedure these titles: How to Create a Bootable Windows XP Setup CD/DVD on a System with Windows Pre-loaded Tutorial on how to create a Windows XP install disk from a system with Windows already installed How to Create a Bootable Windows XP Setup Disk on a Preinstalled / Preloaded Windows System to make a long story short, the outcome is pretty much what the author describes. it's possible to "pull" the xp operating system off of the hard drive and burn it on a cd (with imageburn, of course), but a few other files and directories have to be added to it. the end result is the equivalent of an xp installation disk. the license belongs to me, and the COA belongs to me and nobody else. i have been successful three times with this procedure. once with a computer that i have had for years, once with a computer my sister sold me, and once with a computer i bought at a yard sale. this time i attempted to make a disk from a computer that my wife had given to her by her boss, and it looked like it had succeeded. imageburn said the burn was successful, but the part that counts is, does the disk work to install xp to a hard drive? when i rebooted the computer with the freshly-made disk, i received the message: "the file \i386\system32\biosinfo.inf could not be loaded. error code 18. setup cannot continue." in all fairness, it needs to be said that this particular computer was badly infected, but is totally clean, and was clean at the time of the making of the disk. i would be most grateful if someone could help me with this problem. BTW, imageburn is my favorite burning software. it's great!

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