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  1. todsweeney

    Delay between sectors in playback

    Further to last post, I forgot to mention my suprise at not receiving more comments or advice relating to my problem, the log of which I attached. Unless of course, dbminters's response was the probable reason for it.
  2. todsweeney

    Delay between sectors in playback

    Thank you, dbminter, for responding to my query and you recommendation. I have trawled the net and realise that purchasing good quality DVD discs can be a bit of a minefield. The Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden series being no exception when trying to ascertain country of manufacuture. However, I made a choice and will post results when I eventually complete a burn.
  3. I attach the log for a recent burn. I guess that this may reveal why, when playing the DVD on my Sony Blur--ray BDP-S3700/BDPS1700, play stops and starts between sectors. Can anyone, with the knowledge to read the log, please advise me what has caused this problem. There are 14 sectors, which can be selected individually and play ok, but when play full movie is selected, the problem occurs. I would appreciate any assistance. Log 08.03.2019.txt

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