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    Bad Burns From New Version,

    Sorry to take so long to respond due to being away again for work. I've done the tests you suggested using DVDInfoPro & all seems fine now . It seems that either something else was running in the background when I installed & tested version 2 which affected the buffer or my machine needed a re-start. Have performed quite a few tests today & the burn quality produced by the latest version is similar to the one before - apologies for the "bum steer". Acer
  2. Acer

    Bad Burns From New Version,

    Firstly let me say I am a great fan of ImgBurn & have used it with great success on hundreds of burns. However, today I upgraded to V2.0.0.0 from V1.3.0.0 & using DVD Shrink as I usually do I experienced all bad burns to the point where part of the discs are unreadable (first ever). These burns were performed on the same batch of Taiyo Yuden T03 discs that ImgBurn V1.3.0.0 was producing quality scores of 95%+ on only yesterday. Watching the operation of V2.0.0.0 on the last disc being burned it seemed that the burner's buffer (on Benq 1640 & Pioneer A10XLA) was being fed inconsistently & kept oscillating from full to empty (sometimes). This is different to what I have experienced previously with ImgBurn . Understand the comments that all the program is doing is instructing & transferring data to the burners but something has changed with V2.0.0.0??? I installed V2 without first removing V1.3 so I wonder if something has happened during the update. Any comments or suggestions please? Thanks, Acer

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