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  1. I reinstalled Imgburn It does not work for me. Stats: windows 7 pro 64-bit. DVD+RW According to windows the DVD is empty. Imgburn tells me the DVD is not empty. I click on the item to clear the DVD and the program hangs. Been using Imgburn a long time and this condition happened recently. Thanks for any help.
  2. Thank you for Image Burn. I am a contributor. The main web site is so confusing I had to write this message because I am unable to download the new version of Image Burn. I don't want my PC scanned as I am afraid of such things. So how can I download the new V. I am also afraid of using other sites to download Image Burn. Please help.
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    Thank you for image burn. The "Quick Erase" option is greyed out. Can only do a full erase. Running version Also I can't tell whether to sign in with "jjps" or "jps" Different ones show up after signing on. I'm confused. Please reply with an Email message as I might not be able to find this board again. Regards, Jack Shankle

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