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  1. Not with imgburn. It only burns what you feed it. If you burn the mp4's you'll end up with a data disc with mp4's on it. If you want a DVD you'll first need something to convert the files to a valid DVD structure.

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  2. Nope, that's not the only thing. Yes they're mainly on triple layer, but there's also significant new info in the mpls/clpi and m2ts files to accommodate for the new audio types, different HDR specifications...

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  3. Whether they have been used or not is irrelevant. If the packaging said 'DVD+R' and not 'DVD+RW' you've got SINGLE USE recordable discs. You cannot erase single use discs, period. They're already blank. You can only erase them if the packaging states +/-RW.

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  4. Unfortunately, ConvertXToDVD is relatively useless for converting Blu-Ray discs.  Regardless of what you load, the software ONLY loads the main title stream.  You can select other MTS's that are not part of the main title stream, but ConvertXToDVD ALWAYS loads ONLY the main title stream.  This makes the software relatively useless for what I need it to do, which is convert an entire Blu-Ray's contents to DVD.  So, it's back to using Handbrake and my old method of converting to containers first.  default_angry.gif

    That's what convertxtoBD is for ;-) or video converter ultimate depending on your need


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  5. What's the exact filename you're trying to burn, what mode are you selecting in IMGburn and what's your playback device. Sounds to me you're either using the wrong mode for what you're trying to do, or you burnt for example an MP4 to disc and your player doesn't support that type of playback.

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  6. goede avond ik heb imgburn op mijn pc met windows 10 pro maar hij brand niet wel programma maar geen dvd die ziet hij niet hoe kan dat kan iemand mijn helpen 

    @stroo this is an English only forum.


    First you say it doesn't burn (doesn't burn what), then you say it does burn (program) but no dvd. So which is it? It's either yes or no.


    What does it burn, what doesn't it burn, what are you trying to do, what's (not) happening?


    IMGburn log please

    @dbminter it's Dutch, my native language, and it doesn't even make sense to me. So it can't possibly for you :-)


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  7. Any issues are self inflicted. Dvd decrypter is as dead as a doornail. LUK was ordered to stop development and assist with support for the product or face the consequences. It's no wonder it doesn't work properly on a current modern OS. Even compatibility mode you've enabled can only do so much. It's not perfect.

    I'd update your decryption tool, but this isn't the forum for it. Rendering support could endanger the future of IMGBurn.

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  8. About that hosting part, LUK. Shoot me a DM, let me know your hosting specs, bandwidth a usage monthly and your annual bill. Although I'm Belgian based, I'm partnered with a hosting firm and have direct access to dns registration. Maybe I can help, so you CAN get them off the list.

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