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  1. Bdrb had always been in beta since development.

    There never has been ab professional release. You're talking about DVD rebuilder


    DO NOT remove any of those folders. Empty or not. YOU WILL break disc folder structure and risk rendering unplayable


    Verbose reporting only affects the bdrb log, no impact on encoding or end result.


    What other 'issues' have you read about?


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  2. That's not the point, something in the authoring is telling it to create the disc structure for continuous playback.

    Yes, you create the IMAGE using imgburn, but imgburn does NOT create the actual data/video structure you're using to create the iso.

    Who or whatever does, THAT is where your Autoplay problem lies. This is NOT an imgburn problem.

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  3. If it's a legacy bios type, you can still use that iso. Woke the native Microsoft tool only does uefi I believe it's not the end of the road.


    Just grab the 'rufus' tool, it has all the capabilities you need to let that iso work on a legacy bios. This without you needing to tinker manually, because u personally have no clue where to look or what to do. I just know there's tools that can do it for you.


    Besides this really isn't exactly the best place for that level of assistance. Imgburn can't even make a USB drive bootable. A MS iso is bootable by itself, check autorun.ini I think it is. Should be present.


    Want an disc? Burn the iso

    Want a flash drive? Use Rufus.


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  4. Ah true, I thought he wanted to burn multiple DVD containing folders one after the other. That topic I linked to won't be of help

    If you want to burn eg 2 or 3 movies on a single disc you need to author them with something like convertxtodvd.

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  5. That's normal, a lot of files are in use by windows etc. That's not what imgburn is for. That's what specially designed backup software like acronis true image or macrium reflect are for.

    You're using imgburn in a way it's not intended or can be used

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  6. Not picking anything, if it's a different model then it's not exactly the same. They likely share the drive chipset, but that's the end of the story. By your logic Ford and Mazda cars are identical too because they share Ford engines.

    If that were true they'd all be Ford's or Mazda's. That's all I'm saying. However I will agree with you on one thing, NO manufacturer should force things on a consumer they don't want done.

    For example on the latest gen Asus ROG motherboards (don't know if it applies to the entire z390 chipset), they force something called 'armory crate' software THROUGH THE BIOS! and injects into the os upon boot (even on a freshly installed operating system) if you leave that setting enabled. That setting is enabled BY DEFAULT, that's damn rootkit behavior.

    First thing I do is disable that shit, but you have to redo it after every bios update, because an update resets settings to default which, you guessed it, restores that armory create to enabled.

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  7. 'exactly like my drive, except it's a different models. If it's a different model then it isn't exactly like your is it. It's totally different. Changing from DVD+r to DVD-ROM is setting the booktype.

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