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  1. Cinavia isn't a copy protection, it's an audio drm. Copy protections prevent you from making a copy (like css). Cinavia doesn't do that, if it was a copy protection ImgBurn wouldn't be able to burn cinavia discs. Cinavia is an audio drm, it stops full audio playback. You can still copy it, you just can't properly play the copy. There's a difference.

  2. Back then it failed to properly find the MID for my verbatims. You then advised me to swap to the elby engine and the drives properly found it. Ever since then i've used elbcdio, i have the full elby/redfox product suite anyway. I don't know how good your connections are but mine are very active (since i'm doing the NL translating for them), i've got a couple direct lines to both elby and redfox :) So who's going to contact them?

  3. Dunno, new system. My old one was running win 7. Can't say I deliberately reproduced this issue on win 7. Stumbled on this by accident. Using Microsoft's crap spti just isn't an option. Fails to properly Identify disc MID's. Posted a topic about that a long time ago. Was using elbycdio on 7 too and the same drives. So the only change is the os. Maybe it's something you can look into for the next version of ImgBurn. Just wanted to report it, it's not a big issue. Just need to keep an extra eye open that the correct drives are select per instance.

  4. seems like it's actually instance 2 that ejects it :) Anyway attached is the log. I pressed burn on instance 2 when instance 1 was 1% into zeroing sectors. Then closed both instances in the order of instance 1 first, 2nd instance last. though it seems instance are saved with first closed at the bottom. Attached is the log.


    In case it matters. Running Win 10 Pro x64 build 1607


    G:\ bh16

    H:\ bh10

    I:\ dvd ram


  5. i can reproduce it.


    1. Start imgburn

    2. start to erase a disc (full disc)

    3. launch 2nd instance

    4. select Burn image to disc

    5. "Busy" drive is listed in "destination" even though the log states "access denied" and bh16 is selected as default drive

    6. select image > leave destination to bh16

    7. press burn

    8. error message, click continue

    9. instance 2 begins burn

    10. instance 1 errors and ejects tray.

  6. I stumbled upon this issue while doing the erasing for my other topic. So while the BH16 was erasing a disc, i fired up another instance to burn an iso to disc in my bh10. During load the bh16 obviously wasn't accessible during the start of the program. Now here's the catch. I loaded the ISO, and accidentaly forgot to swap the drive at the bottom from the bh16 to the bh10 and pressed "go". The 2nd imgburn instance started burning and a few seconds later, the "erasing imgburn" errored out and ejected the tray which obviously aborted the burn on the 2nd instance.


    Is this normal behavior? Shouldn't the "lock for exclusive access" (which i have all 4 boxes marked, defaults) have prevented this from happening? Or is it since it's also imgburn, that this is overridden?

  7. So i've been doing full erases on my bd-RE's from TDK's erase perfectly. Though my verbatim's (well the fake ones, can't get the real "blue/silver" ones anymore) with ID CMCMAG-CN2-00 seem to trigger "W 04:22:06 WRITE (12) 'Streaming' Not Supported!" when i'm erasing them with my BH16NS40, however on my BH10NS30 that warning message doesn't appear.


    anything i need to "worry" about. Brand new drive the bh16.

  8. Lightning


    I've just built an entirely new system (no more q9550, hello i7 6700k), and I was wondering what the best and fastest solution would be to transfer my ImgBurn settings. Pretty sure a registry migration isn't an option as the 'old' system uses w7 and the new one is running w10.

  9. Depends, if your source files are avi, mp4 etc... then take a look at convertxtodvd. Paid software but works wonderful. Been using it for years.

  10. Not an IMGBurn problem, it only burns the data you feed it. If your burnt disc only has 1 chapter then you fed it a DVD flick output that only had 1 chapter. The problem: DVD flick not IMGBurn.

  11. Nope, is being used by the same studios that use it on bluray to add the signal to DVD too. Cinavia is just a signal. It's only an official part of the bluray standard, but that doesn't mean the studios can't use it on their DVD's too. They pay the license fee to use it, how and on what products that use it is up to them.

  12. You need to complain to opencandy, not here. All the dll inserted does is load the screens and insert them during setup. Lightning UK doesn't design those screens, opencandy does. Ask them to foot the bill.


    As to avoid opencandy there's multiple easy ways.


    - read the screens, I've NEVER had opencandy install crap on my systems ever since IMGBurn first started to use the dll

    - unplug from the internet, the dll won't be able to connect to the server : no screens

    - run the setup with the /nocandy parameter: no screens

  13. U don't, drives can use one chipset at one time and a revision could use another. But as I said nowadays there's pretty much no standalone player that doesn't support the DVD+R booktype. Luck isn't involved, you'd have to be lucky to find one that didn't.


    That MID is a true verbatim quality stuff. The MID you posted in the IMGBurn log cmc-mag-m01 isn't. That's cheap crap.


    Stick with that mcc-004-000 (or mkm-003-000 for double layer) and you'll be fine.

  14. The OS doesn't matter, it's the DRIVE CHIPSET that's the 'problem'. It doesn't support booktype setting. Changing the OS won't make the drive capable of booktype setting.


    They may be 'life series' and that's the cheap fake crap. Real verbatim DVD+r don't use the cmc mag MID.


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