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  1. Any issues are self inflicted. Dvd decrypter is as dead as a doornail. LUK was ordered to stop development and assist with support for the product or face the consequences. It's no wonder it doesn't work properly on a current modern OS. Even compatibility mode you've enabled can only do so much. It's not perfect.

    I'd update your decryption tool, but this isn't the forum for it. Rendering support could endanger the future of IMGBurn.

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  2. About that hosting part, LUK. Shoot me a DM, let me know your hosting specs, bandwidth a usage monthly and your annual bill. Although I'm Belgian based, I'm partnered with a hosting firm and have direct access to dns registration. Maybe I can help, so you CAN get them off the list.

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  3. Not an IMGburn problem you clicked the 'download IMGburn with download manager' advertisement. Notice the '_XJx8ZB_dlm_2771745258.exe' in the file name? That shouldn't be there. At best it should be Setup_Imgburn_2.5.8.0.exe, or close to it. But sure as hell not that random name you have.

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  4. No it won't span the discs. It'll burn till the disc is full and then error out, or error out from the start because the disc isn't large enough. You'll either need to shrink it, or use a triple layer blank and those are $$$$.


    BD50's don't actually hold 50Gb, the actual size is 45.5


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  5. If it is, that's just bad design. What do they think a user is going to do, get 2 copies of a title and rip the disc with 2 drives to 1 iso?

    An optical drive shouldn't be in raid mode, and neither should Intel RST be enabled by default, not even for nvme ssd's. 1 of those already maximizes the pci-line speedwise (at least if you're running a Zxxx based chipset)

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