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  1. I do regularly design websites and as such often give them a complete overhaul, working on one right now. That said, while doing that I first look at the menu structure and how it's setup. Unless client then specifically said not to, I keep that same menu structure in the new site.

    Doing so, while the site will physically LOOK different, navigating it will be exactly the same. (Although the position of the menu itself may have changed, but once you know the new location everything remains as is)

    Doing it that way, for me, gives the client a fresh new look while not getting flooded with contact requests by visitors with queries like 'item xxx used to be at location yyy, now I can't find it anymore. Where's the new location zzz on this new website). Doesn't turn away visitors that way.

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  2. Care to post the full different specs? But it's 5400RPM (•‿•), Why did they even use that in the first place. That's laptop type speed back in the day. More profit for them I guess. But Intel uhd an upgrade? Depends on the Nvidia card that wax in the system. No Intel uhd built in professor can compete with an equal generation discrete graphics card.


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  3. Your first problem is 'outsourced' ''fake'' verbatim's CMCMAG-BA5-000

    Your 2nd problem is that you're using LTH type discs. That technology only lasted a short while in production but wax quickly abandoned by most blank/drive manufacturers and hasn't been produced for years now.

    Get the good ones 'datalife plus' you can only find online, and NOT the LTH ones

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  4. Bdrb had always been in beta since development.

    There never has been ab professional release. You're talking about DVD rebuilder


    DO NOT remove any of those folders. Empty or not. YOU WILL break disc folder structure and risk rendering unplayable


    Verbose reporting only affects the bdrb log, no impact on encoding or end result.


    What other 'issues' have you read about?


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  5. If it's a legacy bios type, you can still use that iso. Woke the native Microsoft tool only does uefi I believe it's not the end of the road.


    Just grab the 'rufus' tool, it has all the capabilities you need to let that iso work on a legacy bios. This without you needing to tinker manually, because u personally have no clue where to look or what to do. I just know there's tools that can do it for you.


    Besides this really isn't exactly the best place for that level of assistance. Imgburn can't even make a USB drive bootable. A MS iso is bootable by itself, check autorun.ini I think it is. Should be present.


    Want an disc? Burn the iso

    Want a flash drive? Use Rufus.


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