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    Burn .vob with Chapters and Subtitles

    Yeah sure: http://www.mediafire.com/?vlaj2a9dqo691n3 http://www.mediafire.com/?qly0pijwcw7l6iq One of these was modified with IfoEdit though. I have a backup of that one. The other one is a backup generated by PgcEdit. I don't think the player "knows" The subtitle stream exist. But the stream is in the .vob's.
  2. MrPhil

    Burn .vob with Chapters and Subtitles

    Protocol: -I start PGCEdit and wait the 15s->Remind me later. -Then I click on Open DVD - Click on the VIDEO_TS folder -A window pops-up (unlike stated in UncasMS's guide): Not sure whether I should accept or not. Let's pretend I chose "Yes". Uncas says to choose the one with the longest length. there it is: VTST 1 , 1 TTN1 2:32:54 But then, his guide aims to change default language to german and that's not what I aim. Basically, I want to keep the same audio track but add the option to switch between default subpictures (when it's speaking in huttese) and english subpictures, while keeping the same audio track. Would it work if I added the subpic like that?
  3. MrPhil

    Burn .vob with Chapters and Subtitles

    Well, basically, the DVD is an extended version of a certain movie and this extended version was made by adding deleted scenes back. This edition was made by a fan. I guess he screwed on the subtitle options or did not need them. I have two .ifo's: VIDEO_TS.IFO and VTS_01_0.IFO From what I gather (reading Cynthia's FAQ), I have to work on the second one. That about right? Addendum, indeed, I successfully modified the .IFO. Now I have to understand what is she using Nero Recode 2 for and what other program (free, if at all possible) I can get to do the same. If I understand correctly, I need one such program to tell the .ifo what subtitle stream it should use. I think it is kind of strange to use this line: "'(SetSTN) Set Subpicture Stream Nr' and set the 'Stream' to '0' and 'On/Off:'" So this line means "Enable stream 0", doesn't-it? According to vlc player, there are 4 subtitle tracks. Track number 1 has the closed captions I need. Shouldn't I set 'Stream' to '1'?
  4. MrPhil

    Burn .vob with Chapters and Subtitles

    Okay, I do have IfoEdit since yesterday. I don't have Nero Recode though. Any free alternative to that? Or is IfoEdit the alternative? I'm still very new at this, so it is hard for me to figure all this FAQ as it does not seem to adress the problem precisely. Edit: I read this FAQ over again. Is subpicture the same as subtitles? Sorry if I sounded harsh or anything. I do not quite understand the subtlety between playing a RAW vob and playing-it properly via VIDEO_TS.IFO. So here's what I have: .vob's that I can play through VLC just fine and activate the closed captions. So this mean vlc is able to find the right streams, those that contains the subtitles I want. If I understand correctly, the IFO is basically the file that allows a DVD player to access the subtitles (one of its functions anyway). I was led to understand that the IFO was the file that contains the subs, but you seem to indicate that the vob is the file that contains the stream (and the subtitles). So the .ifo is the file that has to indicate to the DVD player to use a particular stream. So basically, if I want my DVD's to have subtitles, I need to somehow edit the .IFO, thus adding the option to switch between different streams. Did I get that right?
  5. MrPhil

    Burn .vob with Chapters and Subtitles

    As stated: So no problem with VLC whatsoever. And I tried to enable subtitles from my remote, but my DVD player seems to think there are none available (and I checked, they definitely are there on the disk). I've searched for authoring tools and stumbled on DVD Flick. Problem is it won't handle .vob files. Know of any authoring tool that does that?
  6. MrPhil

    Burn .vob with Chapters and Subtitles

    Addendum: The other files I mentionned (apart from the .vob) are .ifo (which contains the subtitles information) and .bup (backup of the IFO). They were burned on the DVD, so I don't get why I cannot see the option to activate the subs...
  7. Okay, so let's start with the basic: Specs: Windows 7 64-bit, ImgBurn DVD type: 4.7 GB DVD-R (Nexxtech) Region: NTSC (the same as my media) Media/problem: I own a DVD, but I think the deleted scenes should be added back. I tried to do it by myself, but the soundtrack didn't quite match. So yesterday, I downloaded the bugger from some fan-edit web-site. This version basically seamlessly incorporates those scenes. Content of the downloaded media: There are 2 folders: Audio_TS and Video_TS. Inside the audio_TS folder, there's nothing. In the video_ts folder, there are vob files and just about all you can expect inside a regular DVD (the other files are .IFO, I think). I looked at the .vob files with VLC media player. I was able to allow subtitles from there. So basically, there's one DVD I've successfully burnt and one I want to burn with more options. Let's call them Media 1 and Media 2. For Media 1, I've opened ImgBurn, selected mode/build. Then I clicked browse and selected the 2 folders. (Audio/video) Afterwards, I clicked build, calculate, then Write. Result: the DVD runs fine, there is a menu with the option Play and there are chapters. The only problem is that subtitles aren't there anymore. So for Media 2, can anybody tell me how to get ImgBurn to make an option for the subtitles to be turned on/off or, failing that, burn the media with the subtitles always on? Thank you NB: By the way, I did not include any log, as the burn itself went quite well.

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