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  1. Andreasfc

    Multiple projects witin the build mode

    Thank you very much for the commandline, I only have one small screen to bypass automatically, see attached screenschot. How to do this? And another question, how to start burning immediatly? With auto eject DVD?
  2. Andreasfc

    Multiple projects witin the build mode

    Do you by any chance have an example? Thanx
  3. Is it possible just as for selecting more than 1 iso to create some kind of projects so you can just burn multiple VIDEO_TS directories after each other? And then a per project setting for the Label. Project1 - Directory1\VIDEO_TS Project2 - Directory2\VIDEO_TS Project3 - Directory3\VIDEO_TS Etc Thanx
  4. Andreasfc

    From the ez-picker an extra option for CUE

    ok, fine for me now, haven't noticed it (yet). Thanx
  5. Andreasfc

    From the ez-picker an extra option for CUE

    That's a pitty, but then again, I will do it the other way through the Tools menu. I already knew it was there, is there a shortcut option to go directly to the creat cue File? Thanx
  6. Hello LUK, is it possible to create an extra option for the ez-picker to directly go to the create CUE file ? Thanx
  7. Andreasfc

    ImgBurn v2.4.0.0 Released!

    Thanx for this great new version with cue file support, maybe a small request for the ez-mode picker. An option within the ez-pick for cue files?
  8. Andreasfc

    How to create DVD iso's

    Thanx, I found out on how to do it from the command line ImgBurn.exe /MODE ISOBUILD /BUILDMODE IMAGEFILE /SRC "P:\DVD1\VIDEO_TS\" /DEST P:\DVD1.iso /start /NOIMAGEDETAILS /close /FILESYSTEM "ISO9660 + UDF" /VOLUMELABEL "DVD1" Is it an option to use an include file for settings you use very often? Thanx for this great program, especially very easy when you have to burn a lot of different ISO Files, and have 2 DVD/CD burners in a Pc.
  9. Andreasfc

    How to create DVD iso's

    I have several video_ts directories on my pc, but want to use the Queue manager to burn them, but that's nog possible. So is it possible to simply create an iso for this issue?

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