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    Add support for creation of Mixed Mode CD's

    I'll give it a try, but I'm not certain if it'll work. The CUE file creator usually just lets me add music data. Though, there may be a feature of it that I've missed.
  2. Hi! I was attempting to copy an old game which uses mixed mode and was written with Track-at-once to another CD written with Disk-at-once while correcting any small scratched areas with Cuetools. Unfortunately, I can't place the audio and data back together with ImgBurn as it won't allow me to have the two different tracks. So, I was wondering if it might be possible for you to allow data to be placed as either the first or last track(s) (user selectable [possibility of making it PC and MAC compatible]) while adding FLAC files and the like to be converted to CD-audio tracks to be placed before or after the data track(s)? I know they can be copied, but a lot of people are wanting to create them as well. Thanks!

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