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  1. Regionalto

    Spacing mp3 files

    So why not add it to mp3 data discs played as a music disc. If you are getting your music from the net , which is what imagine most people do, it comes in mp3 format, for the most part. Why would anyone want to make an audio CD from strictly mp3's. This does not improve quality in any way. And it limits the playing time to 80 or so mminutes. Also why not add the spacing ability to mp3 discs - is this not possible to do?
  2. Regionalto

    Spacing mp3 files

    Does this work with mp3 data discs? I tried addind tracks from a silent cd, but i only get "non-existent file/folder'! and each silent track has to be renamed because imgburn will not allow to bypas "it's already there" note. All i'm interested in is making cds from downloaded mp3's to make long playing music discs, and be able to add spaces of eg 8 sec between them..
  3. Regionalto

    Spacing mp3 files

    Thanks, I'm using the discs in a Sony car player that has no hunction for adding spaces. Oh well, I can always put in a bit of John Cage in-between tracks. (note: John Cage composed at least one piece for which the musicians go on stage with their instruments, sit down, and do absolutely nothing for the duration of the "performance". This, of course, is followed by wild applause.)
  4. Regionalto

    Spacing mp3 files

    Is there an automatic way of adding a specified gap, or pause, between mp3 files, other than importing silence tracks from a silent CD, (which is rather cumbersome)? I want to make long mp3 discs, not "Audio" CD's. Also, is there a quick way to add ordering numbers (ie. 001, 002 etc.) without doing it one by one? I have jusst started using ImgBurn and haven't yet explored the possibilities extensively. (Q .does anyone know where the toilets are? A. All public toilets have been removed, use your own portable application)

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