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  1. Mud

    How to burn disk as PTP?

    Hi No its not a PTP disc issue, I have checked and it seems that the new 2006 discs have some dummy files as a type of encryption which should be easy to bypass for someone who knows what they are doing (unfortunately that it not me!! )
  2. Mud

    How to burn disk as PTP?

    Yes thank you all for your input into this matter, it seems the issue is about encryption which will not allow the discs to be copied.
  3. Mud

    How to burn disk as PTP?

    I have been pointed in the direction of ClonyXXL which I should run with the original disc to see what type of encryption the disc has, as I dont have access to that disc at the moment I cant do so but will do this tomorrow, so hope once that information is know that there is something that canbe done
  4. Mud

    How to burn disk as PTP?

    Ok I think I see the problem, previously with version 1 I was able to burn the disc and use it no problems using a Verbatim DVD-R disc, but now it no longer works with version 3 which makes me think there must be some sort of encryption on this disc...
  5. Mud

    How to burn disk as PTP?

    I have an Alpine sat nav system on which I have/had a 2001 version 1 sat nav disk. I made a copy of this disc using Verbatim DL DVD-R disc, using DVD Decrypter, when I tested this disc it worked fine in my sat nav unit. SO I managed to get hold of a new 2006 version 3 disk which I made an ISO image of on my hard drive, I followed all the same procedures as my previous old disc and when I inserted the disc in the navi unit, it instanstly downloaded the updated software but then came up with a message telling me that it was unable to read the data. So I then tried using DL DVD+R discs, but I still get the same message 'Unable to read data' no matter what speed or what software I use, I cannot get the disc to run on the navi unit. I thought it was due to the Path track type as when I checked the two discs (original and copy) that was the only difference between the two. But now as people above are saying its not possible I do not know why the copies are not working. Any suggestions?
  6. Mud

    How to burn disk as PTP?

    Is it possible to get PTP media? I am attempting to make a backup of my sat nav disc, as it is getting very scratched. Edited to add: I have been setting the book type to DVD-ROM which I assumed would allow a burn to PTP, as this is the format in which PTP burning is normally done
  7. Hi I am using a LG GSA-H10A DL DVD burner and Vertatim DL DVD+R discs. I have made an iso image onto my harddrive of a disc that was in PTP mode, but when I am copying the image back onto the blank discs they are burned as OTP and therefore when I put the disc into my Alpine unit, it will not recognize the disk. How can I change the settings so that the disc is burnt as PTP and not OPT? Thanks

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