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  1. Hi. Not sure if this is a bug or not, but I tried it twice and both times ImgBurn, Windows explorer, and my burner crashed bad. Probably foolish of me, but I tried it nonetheless. I have a dynamic NTFS volume image file made with TrueCrypt that is reported as 1.0 GB. However, there is only ~600 MB of data in the file and the file takes only ~600 MB of space on the HDD. I tried burning it onto a 700 MB CD in ISO9660 + UDF mode. It asked me if I wanted to continue since the file is larger than the disc capacity. It's NOT larger, though. It just is reported larger in explorer. I continued the burn and ImgBurn and my burner crashed bad. Like I wrote above. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but I figure that ImgBurn should be able to copy the exact bits as read off of the HDD, but...
  2. I haven't done it recently, so I'm not sure about the current version of ImgBurn, but a few versions ago (1.x), you could burn multi-track .BINs with it. So, unless any of the applicable code has changed, you still should be able to do it. In the Tools menu, select Create DVD MDS File. (I personally think this should be changed to Create MDS File, since the format's not only for DVDs, but then I'm not the programmer.) Drag the .BIN file into the box and click on Quick OK. You will then have an .MDS file to load into ImgBurn to burn your multi-track CD. It's a little more complex, but think of an .MDS file as an updated form of a .CUE file plus a .DVD file with a few extras added.

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