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  1. Update, I was able to get a first successful (xgd3!) burn with 100% verification in both ImgBurn and abgx360 verify tools without any errors by enabling the OPC setting. The kprobe results seem very much the same as the previous failburns: PI max 18, avg 1.44 PIF max 3, avg 0.10 (the latter seems a bit high to me but has been like that with all burns) That opc setting had somehow slipped untouched when fiddling with different settings combinations before (to be honest, I didn't make that much burns, about five failed attempts with slightly different settings and images) after stopping wasting the discs since they all came out straight coasters.) Is this normal behaviour, to have such a drastic difference just with flipping opc on/off? From what I have read, everyone just seems to mention it as a potential cause of deviation in kprobe quality and that's all but to me it did this kinda thing, without changing the kprobe quality at all.
  2. Thank you for quick reply (and thorough testing with these 003 verbs, I have read the burning guide topics on other forums that mention your name and they have saved me a ton of hassle with all the basic settings, giving time to concentrate on these strange ones instead.. ) Yes, xgd2 burns fail too, and exactly the same way - burn completes succesfully but verify fails at 99%, of course the absolute sector counts are different with every image depending on the size but anyway it's at 99%. Those xgd2 images should fit into standard capacity if I've understood correctly and I think that rules out the issues with the risky nature of overburning required for xgd3s. There is one setting, though, I am aware of I can't follow "the usual" quidelines with. The one being CLEAR OPC, because ImgBurn does not seem to support clearing opc cache with these rev E ihas drives (and neither does the eeprom utility). But I think that should not be an issue, since I have not even used the OPC ON setting..? So it's probably the drive itself, you say. I could exchange it within the full refund period next week, but only to a new one of same model (rev E) cause they seem to be the only ones available here at the local stores that are eventheoretically compatible with BurnerMax tool and thus xgd3 burning. I will definitely update this topic, if/when I'll get my new drive and retry burning, in case someone else might be having the same problem.
  3. OK, long story short, I am trying to burn backups of my Xbox 360 games with following specs, burning completes successfully, but ALWAYS fails at the same 99% point of verifying and results in an unreadable, ruined disc. - ImgBurn - Brand spanking new Liteon iHas 124 E (newest firmware 4L06, listed as compatible for both XGD2/XGD3 backups) - Verbatim DL DVD+R (The best ones, made in singapore, MKM 003) - BurnerMax 0.15 enabled - Xbox 360 game backup files (both XGD2 and XGD3, abgx360 passes with all green) And the widely recommended settings for XGD3 game burning I am using: - OPC off - Force hypertuning ON - Online hypertuning OFF - Overspeed OFF - Smartburn ON - Write speed 4x Everything else at the default/recommended values, all the usual tricks tried with resetting the settings, reinstalling ImgBurn, power cycling the system etc. So the problem is I am getting successful burns but failed verifying and unreadable discs. Verifying the burned disc in ImgBurn always hangs at the very end when verifying is near complete (99%). Always the same reason: "L-EC Uncorrectable Error". I have tested with various backup files (both xgd3 and even xgd2 games that should be a trivial task to burn), and quite a few discs, always the same error at the same 99% point. Absolutely 0% success rate. To make it even more weird, I have run the failed discs through kprobe verification, and it shows what seems to me a very good, stable burn quality compared to recommended values (PI under 15, PIF under 3). Only that one percent at the end that's completely unreadable in both ImgBurn verify tool and abgx360 disc verify tool but doesn't show up in kprobe in any way. Now I'd like you to have a look at my most recent burn log, since I don't have the older ones saved anymore, but I can assure you they always fail with the same error, always at the same 99% point of verifying, and makes no difference when using different backup images taken with different hardware even, so I think it's safe to assume there is nothing wrong with the backup files. Is there anything I'm doing obviously wrong with the logs or anything? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. burn002.log

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