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  1. Then you say that following the installation of the program is there a way (an additional window) where you can skip or uncheck the option of installing the Open Candy? If so, I assure you I did not see this,or was not where it is. The question is I have to turn off the Malwarebyte to allow me to run your program, hence suggest me what I should be careful with these programs, that is why I send the question in your forum. I do not know if all the Open Candy are equal, because on one occasion a virus (similar) with the same name, I invaded all disks and each time you scanned with AV, I went out a warning that was to clean all files detected with Open Candy. Sorry for the inconvenience
  2. Wow, wow.... Well, between and simply ask a question and respond poorly, in fact I am frustrated by the response I get, almost send me to shut up and not ask anything else. Alas, twice enters a forum Spyware with another Nick and when I sent a quick scan the PC first so they sent me to uninstall was the ImgBurn program for the same reason. I wonder then, who is to believe? To whom do I believe? If your software is not dangerous, as some say, then they should inform people of Spyware to not say otherwise! I think you are doing things wrong. OpenCandy should not be in their installers and even less if it is detected as a threat by any Anti-Malware.
  3. Hi, I wanted to inform me that when installing the Software "ImgBurn Free" from any of its servers, all antivirus installed on my computer I get a warning of dangerous Malware, the famously known "Open Candy", I said it contains a the malicious file. OCSetupHLP.dll "This file was opened with 7zip and is within their containers.. Why? Mmm...

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