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  1. Using the latest build of ImgeBurn and the latest Windows 10 insider Build 10586. Windows 10 does not show ImgBurn as a installed program, tried Windows 7 compatibility mode no luck. But Classic Shell start menu lists it with a empty shortcut folder, this is a shell to replace Windows start menu. Did a Windows 10 DVD test burn of the installed ImgeBurn.exe file, 100% OK. So the program work 100% in Windows 10 but the software is not installing OK so that Windows 10 can list it, the again I might be doing some thing wrong,- Any chance to get this working for Windows 10, as Windows 8.1 or 10, ISO burn does not create bootable DVD's for me, That's on a late model Toshiba Satellite P50-A a EFI laptop, ImgBurn does when using my main Desktop PC running Windows 7 Pro to create the image. I never tested ImgBurn on Windows 8.1 I am happy to do some upgrade testing if that is needed for a fix.

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