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  1. I had tried using a 3.36 / 4.70 Buslogic BT646S to drive a Plextor PX-W124TSi, but all it would do upon starting to write is fill up the device buffer, and then the device buffer would drain. Once drained, the burn terminated. This may be an issue with the BusLogic ROM pairs. I then installed a Corvette with a wide cable, a Plextor PX-W124TSi (term disabled), 50 to 68 pin converter, and left the heatshrinked active terminator at the end of the F/W cable intact. I used the Adaptec 4.71 ASPI package (includes Win2k version) which installs version 4.60 (correct for NT 4.0). I used ImgBurn. Fired the Plextor PX-W124TSi up, waffled through the ImgBurn screens, and waa-laa, we have a successful burn taking place. Burn rate was 1,800KB/s, I burned one CD of @600MB, followed with one @580MB. http://ps-2.kev009.com/ohlandl/misc/CD_Burning.html

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