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  1. Cogre

    Cue queue problem

    Ok so I went back to the beginning and deleted all the cue files. Then I went and converted all 12 mp3 one after the other then hit write and bammo I got a 12 song cd for my car.
  2. Cogre

    Cue queue problem

    Thanx for the swift response and the giggle inducing last line in your post. Not sure what I'm doing actually. I converted 12 mp3 files to cue files and then hit the write picto button in write mode to create a multi song cd for my car. And so far instead of getting 12 songs on the disc I get 1 song
  3. Cogre

    Cue queue problem

    Hello all, I have a noob prob, how do I burn multiple cue files to audio disc? I put 12 cue files into the write queue and hit the write to disc button but only the first file in the queue is written to the disc. Tearing my hair out

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