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  1. Well, that's the only thing I changed, so I don't know that to tell you, it can't even be an installation issue since for the purpose of the batch file I work with a standalone version of the ImgBurn executable, placed in a custom path defined in the batch file. And once again, with it worked as intended, with, only when I changed it to all uppercase. If you can't explain it, well, I certainly can't, either way, it works now, so I'll leave it at that.
  2. I don't know what to tell you... Fact remain, when I use it doesn't matter if it's /ROOTFOLDER yes or /rootfolder yes or /ROOTFOLDER YES With v2.5.8.0 it does, it only worked when it's all caps
  3. Hi, I have a large batch file, I need to create ISO files from content of sub folders as part of it, my command: @for /d %%i in ("*.*") do "%MYFILES%\ImgBurn.exe" /mode build /buildmode imagefile /src "%ISOSRC%\%%i\\" /dest "%ISOTARGET%\%%i.iso" /FILESYSTEM "UDF" /UDFREVISION "2.5" /VOLUMELABEL "%%i" /start /CLOSE /NOIMAGEDETAILS /PRESERVEFULLPATHNAMES no /rootfolder yes Now, let's say that %ISOSRC% is c:\folder1 Inside of C:\Folder1 there is one or more folders, I need to create ISO from the content of each of these sub-folders without having the sub-folder itself in the root of the ISO, so for example: for C:\Folder1\Sub1\ I need to have the contents of Sub1 in the root of the ISO. A long time ago I got it working, but it doesn't anymore, each time I use the above command I get ISO files with the Folder in the root instead of the folder contents. Can you help? Thank you. Note: Yes, I did search, I know there are topics about the command line on the forum and many other forums, problem is, everything I found seem to suggest I do everything correctly, yet it still won't work, I hope someone can point me to what I'm missing. UPDATE: Seems my command is correct, it just doesn't work with ImgBurn, it's fine on, did something change with the command line switches in UPDATE 2: Nevermind, I figured it out eventually, it seems the command is case sensitive in, meaning I needed to change the yes for the ROOTFOLDER switch to capital YES, stupid thing!

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