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    Up to date Guide?

    I just look thru the 100 page "Guide" from TEN years ago and since the GUI has changed considerably it's of little use. Running all of that in one single web page was ridiculous in the 1st place. It's not rreadable and I'm surely not printing out 200 pages (including the 100 or so additional settings pages.) All I want to do is burn some single files and I only see that Disc layout Editor after I click on 'Source'. What I don't see ins what to do after you choose the files you want. If I close the Editor popup it appears nothing was saved. I see where you can save the 'job', but this is a one time deal, I don't need/want to save it, just burn it. If I go into 'Write' mode, and open up the browser, these mp4 files that I choose apparently aren't supported as what seems most other video & audio files aren't either.

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