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    Dear sir, Thank you very much for your information, I now have version I tried all major burning programs, but your program is the best, without doubt. I only cannot burn DVD-RW and DVD-R DL. Kind regards, Mike098.
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    Dear sir/madam, I deeply hate it, that the new version of ImgBurn is with OpenCandy malware. Altough I think, that I opted out all additional programs during the install, my search results from Google were redirected by another search machine after the ImgBurn install and I cannot change that. I rather pay a small amount with my credit card for a latest ImgBurn version without malware, adware and/or potential unwanted program(s) than that I end up with all sorts of malware caused in this case by OpenCandy after ImgBurn install. Now I use ImgBurn after a clean Windows install with every program installed again, but I rather have a latest version of ImgBurn [without the OpenCandy (and Conduit software?) and similar malware]. Kind regards, Mike098.