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    Adding track names to CD

    Just now I tried another burn again with the Philips media, using wavs and the cue file I had. This time the track names didn't show in VLC, which had on the other CD. Not even the CD name showed. So there seems to be something I need to do to get that. I compared both cue files text, and they are similar. So it' must be an IB setup thing.
  2. carlmart

    Adding track names to CD

    I'm using the AZO, which were recommended to me in the web too. Those are the ones I get in Argentina. In Brazil you only get Life Series. But what about CD media?
  3. carlmart

    Adding track names to CD

    OK, I loaded the plug-in, and WMP now sees the track names. That means that the track names are written by default? But I've seen that I have an additional problem. One CD that I burnt on my PC some days ago did not play well on it when checking. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Checked it on my laptop, and it doesn't even show a disc there. So I might have a media problem. They have a Philips label, but quite likely they are not. I better stop burning this media. It's difficult to find quality media in Brazil. For DVD I use Verbatim DL that I buy in Argentina. Can't get the same type in Brazil. What CD brand and type should I look for?
  4. carlmart

    Adding track names to CD

    I only tried Windows Media Player, not stand alone players yet. What other PC player program can I try?
  5. carlmart

    Adding track names to CD

    I am burning from files on my HDD. The files are wav and there's a cue file. But I just burnt a CD from such files and I think the tracks names is not there. The track names are already on the cue file, of course. Do I have to click on some other box to get them on the CD?
  6. carlmart

    Adding track names to CD

    I would like to add the track names every time I burn a CD. What do I have to do to get that?

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