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  1. I've searched quite a bit for a solution to my problem. I'm trying to burn a DTS 5.1 audio file to a DTS 5.1 audio CD which I can play and decode through my audio system. The error is E 10:19:56 Reason: No combination of intermediate filters could be found to make the connection. VLC plays the file, and the CODEC tab there shows it to be 96Khz 32 bit audio stream. I believe VLC uses something beyond DirectShow filters. Any ideas how to burn these types of files?
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    I'm not an expert on the DTS disc, but it was created around the turn of the century as a method of recording 5.1 sound on standard 650MB cd. A standard cd player will reproduce a potentially speaker destructive stereo white noise, but this is actually a 5.1 dts encoded signal that can be decoded on the proper dvd player / receiver combination. I have several of these in .WAV files, and a few that are in .DTS files. I'm able to burn the .WAV files with no problem. They play 5.1 sound as expected. I'm able to burn .DTS files that are sampled at 44.1k, but not the higher sampled 96k files. That makes me think that the sample rate is the problem. Here's a line from the log for one .DTS file that I've burned successfully: I 15:43:53 Writing Track 1 of 1... (AUDIO/2352, DTS, LBA: 0 - 16949) Does that mean that .DTS is recognizable for DirectShow, and therefore a different filter is not the answer? Also, does my audio file have to be 44.1k 16 bit? Thanks all
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    Thanks dbminter. The file extension is .DTS. I have some .DTS files that are 44.1k 32 bit that burned with no issues, so I guess the sample rate is the problem. I've never tried to convert a file's sample rate. Anyone else done this? I only have about 20 files to do so I'm looking for a no cost solution.

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