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    Delay to burn DVD-R

    Okay, but I think it should be good if they had warnings in the log to make the user aware (mostly beginners) to wait and information about how long the process might be delaying(several minutes, more than 5 minutes). Also, that occurred when I tried to burn a DVD-R in the 16x velocity using the ImgBurn but trying to burn it using another burner program(CDBurnerXP, I don't know if I can quot it here :-)) and with the velocity 8x, the burning worked quietly, without delays. So, I think that you should analize the internal burning algorithm of the program(I'm not sure but I think it must be something like that :-))
  2. Antônio diego

    Delay to burn DVD-R

    I was burning some files (about 2.30gb) to a DVD-R using the ImgBurn but a time after appeared these messages in the log: I 14:58:26 Writing Track 1 of 1... (MODE1/2048, LBA: 0 - 1279471) W 14:59:13 Waiting for buffers to recover... (LBA: 208480) W 14:59:33 Waiting for hard disk activity to reach threshold level... and since I was afraid that occur something of bad with the DVD or the optical drive, after about 5 min, I aborted the burning hoping can continue latter but after this I noticed that the burning was bad even that some files were burned they appears to be corrupt and I was not canning burn on it other times. I could only wait or there could be other thing that I had canning to do something to correct this ? Also, I suggest to put an advice to not to wake up in the moment that those messages appear on the log since have on the guide that those are normal.

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