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    This is an interesting idea - I would certainly pay for a download manager that checked if programs were free of crapware. I looked into a bit. What I found in general - which is what I remember from before - that download managers are just about the worst culprits for trying to install crapware on you. I thought I had found one that I might like to try but it insisted that I had to install a download manager so that I could download their download manager! Looking at Wikipedia you can see the problem... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_download_managers ...Most of them seem intent on trying to foist crapware on you rather than preventing you from getting it. Overall I have a feeling that download managers are essentially no more than catnip for computer owners. The one download manager that did seem fully featured - GetRight Pro - which has checksum and MD5 verification is hardly cheap. Does anyone use a download manager and are they worth having?

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