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  1. Neil Sherin

    Windows 10 CD Burning Issues

    Sorry for the slow update. The Verbatim Datalife Plus AZO discs finally arrived today. I've just burnt a VMware ESXI ISO as a test and had success. I'll order in some more of those CDs now they work - I initially only ordered 10. I've just ordered a pack of 10 Verbatim AZO DVD+Rs to test as well as I had similar issues with burning DVDs a while back. I'll report back my findings!
  2. Neil Sherin

    Windows 10 CD Burning Issues

    Yep, I've checked that, but it seems to show the same log. I've attached it in case it is different. ImgBurn.log
  3. Neil Sherin

    Windows 10 CD Burning Issues

    That's great. Fingers crossed they work and if they do, I'll order some more. The current dics are Life Savers which would explain them being junk. Unfortunately I've got none of the Maxell dics left nor sny logs ftom whwn I used them
  4. Neil Sherin

    Windows 10 CD Burning Issues

    Thanks - I've ordered a spindle of 10 Verbatim Data Life Plus AZO CD-Rs, so hopefully they will solve the issue. I'll report back my findings once they show up wnd I test them out. They are due to arrive in around a week
  5. Neil Sherin

    Windows 10 CD Burning Issues

    Thanks - but to be fair, these discs were branded Verbatim, so I don't knowingly buy rubbish discs. I also had the same issue witb Maxell diacs. Do you know of any brand that ships reliable discs?
  6. Neil Sherin

    Windows 10 CD Burning Issues

    I've had issues with a LiteOn USB DVD drive connected to my laptop refusing to burn CDs. I've tried the drive both connected directly and via a powered USB hub being the only device connected on the hub. The burning process seems to fail at writing the Lead In stage and I've probably produced over 15 coasters attempting to burn discs. I've tried AnyBurn, CDBurnerXP and ImgBurn. This is with Windows 10 Pro build 1809. I've even tried a clean install of Windows 10 but to no avail. I've attached an ImgBurn log file. Any advaice would be much appreciate as to any advice on how to solve this one! ImgBurn.log

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