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  1. inkstand

    Unable to burn CD-R

    Thank you dbminter and yes, you're correct and the fault lies with the cd player. I did actually suspect that may be the case, but I thought I'd try here just in case I needed to tweak something. Many thanks for your help db, I really appreciate it.
  2. inkstand

    Unable to burn CD-R

    I've been burning successfully music to CDRWs. Today for the first time I attempted to burn to a blank CD-R non rewritable. On completion it plays ok on my computer, but not on my hi-fi which played the RWs perfectly. Can anyone tell me if I've missed a setting somewhere? Thanks
  3. inkstand

    Autoplay after burning

    Yes it was yesterday and it was a dvd of a wedding. Ok, as you say it's something in my PCs settings and I'll carry on looking. Thanks very much for your post and your time, I appreciate that.
  4. inkstand

    Autoplay after burning

    Sorry, hope the log is correct. I meant that when you insert a pre-recorded dvd, it begins to play with all the credits etc onscreen. After burning I get what I think is called a chapter in a large white box. Clicking this plays the dvd perfectly, but I wondered if there is a setting that would give me the pre-recorded option. Thanks ImgBurn.log
  5. inkstand

    Autoplay after burning

    Hi, can anyone tell me how to burn a dvd so it begins to play automatically as pre-recorded ones do, rather than the one I've just burned which was successfull, but a small rectangular image appears inside a much larger box, which I have to click to play? Many thanks

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