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  1. Help problem with ISO to burn I'm sorry if I find myself writing here again but I have a problem .. I created my ISO and when I go to insert it in ImgBurn tells me; You should have selected the MDS file and not this one. I will do it automatically for you this time, but do not do it again! So that I burn the MDS file that weighs half of the (7.67 GB ISO) or open the iso in explorer resources and drag folders AUDIO_TS / VIDEO_TS in Burn files and folders? I'm fine with the MDS file as well, but the quality is the same and that once mastered does not have problems in the home and on the PC player (vlc). hello and sorry but on this thing to burn the pictures never done .. :(
  2. Riky90

    Help problem with ISO to burn

    Grazie mille Lightning, ora sono più tranquillo, grazie ancora per avermi risposto. arrivederci / ciao e mi raccomando eh non mollare mai con Imgburn sei il migliore
  3. Riky90

    Help problem with ISO to burn

    http://forum.wininizio.it/index.php?/topic/71535-masterizzare-file-mds-iso/ (il post non è mio) sorry but with your Italian translated automatically with chrome for me it is a bit tiring;) no offense;) Is MDS a pointer to real ISO? probably the position of interruption of the level in your case (translated I do not understand) :( So basically, I'm going to burn the right MDS file? tell me yes. If in the future I should remaster the mds file I have on the pc I could do a good thing: 1) the iso file and the mds file create a folder. 2) So I'm quiet and I have all the saved copies ready to re-burn;)
  4. Hello and good evening LIGHTNING UK!, In fact I would like to thank you for creating two beautiful and beautiful software without any hitch (problem) including DVD Decrypter and ImgBurn (the second part of the first program) I immediately explain my past without going around too much: * For personal use * DVD Decrypter Version 1. To make copies of the original DVDs use DVD Decrypter in ISO mode that creates all dates dating back to the data in which the DVD was created. 2. In the program settings, I leave everything as default, as it is, but only changing the RCE * Region 2 * code since I am in Italy. 3. I leave the program to create ISO and look at the folder below * Log * if there were any errors or not. The closure of the program was solved without any problem as 8 folders were to be closed; 1. Go animated DVD Decrypter, and with the right mouse button down go to properties. 2. Once you click on properties go to compatibility and run the program for: * Windows XP (Service Pack 2) * or * Windows XP (Service Pack 3) * The program suggests Windows (Service Pack 2), once this operation is done DVD Decrypter does not let you exit the 8 folders at the end of the program. ImgBurn Version * The instructions I always leave Default without touching anything * 1. I open ImgBurn and click on Burn an image. 2. Add the previewed ISO with DVD Decrypter. 3. Set writing speed to 6x / 8x (Use a speed not too high otherwise incurred burning errors). 4. Verify the successful burning with the * checkbox * active check box. 5. Start the burning process from ISO to DVD. 6. A nice process for original DVDs and also reproduce in the PC on VLC. LIGHTNING UK !, I ask you what you did in these steps with both DVD decrypter, or with imgburn if they do it well or I have to set also Something in Imgburn since I want to finalize the disc only once and I only use the double-sided Verbatim DVD, hello and thanks 1000
  5. Riky90

    Help me please - ImgBurn

    In italiano. Grazie a tutti per le risposte siete stati gentilissimi rispondo a Ch3vr0n, be in realtà altri programmi per backup ci sono, ma ma il migliore che ha creato Lightning Uk!È sempre dvd decrypter anche se è congelato da anni, detto questo non ricordo ma in internet dicevano che dvd shrink comprime troppo e si vedono squadroni, sinceramente come grafica del programma non mi piace, dvd fab o hd fab dicevano che alcuni dvd fatti con ilprogramma potevano bloccarsi per qualche secondo nel player di casa.. cosi ho lasciato perdere.. poi informandomi ho capito che quello migliore e proprio decrypter con copia 1.1 (apparte makemkv se vuoi estrarre gli episodi sempre in qualità 1.1) insomma dopo tante prove e testatenon sulla tastiera ovvio ora sto più tranquillo, poi in tal caso che qualche dvd (iso) si dovrebbe veder male allora opto per dvdfab a rifarlo dall'originale. Ora rispondo al creatore dei due programmi speciali e meravigliosi di cui è Lightning Uk!, allora una cosa però te la devo dire eh ahah cioè con tutte le schifezze di programmi che sono in circolo tipo software di backup che copiano male ma dico io proprio iltuo dovevano fermare? Secondo me siccome faceva troppo bene lo avranno fatto chiudere, e gli altri che copiano male li hanno lasciati li (non conosco la storia e ne sono affari miei ma un programma di cuore secondo me con altri di adesso spaccherebbe un casino) se solo si potrebberisvegliare si ti sto incoraggiando Lighting ahah. Comunque a me serve un programma di backup che faccia le ISO e poi masterizzarle su un dvd a doppio strato cosi posso vedermi le mie copie dove e quando voglio e volendo anche lanciarle dalla finestra ahahah. Imgburn finalizza sempre WOW detto questo non so cosa dire sei un grande uomo a creare i due software.Allora in alternativa ad altri programmi uso questi dvd d e imgburn non mollare mai e se hai bisogno di donazioni anche con poco io provo a farle ;-) grazie mille a tutti e buona notte o mattina se è mattina da voi.
  6. Riky90

    Help me please - ImgBurn

    Thank you all for the answers you were very kind;) I reply to Ch3vr0n, but actually there are other backup programs, but the best that created Lightning Uk! It is still dvd decrypter even if it is frozen for years, said this I do not remember but on the internet said that DVD shrink compresses too much and you see squadrons, honestly as the graphics of the program I do not like, dvd fab or hd fab said that some dvd made with program could stop for a few seconds in the home player .. so I let it go .. then informing me I understood that the best decrypter and a copy 1.1 (apparte makemkv if you want to extract the episodes always in quality 1.1) in short after many tests and tests not on the obvious keyboard now I'm quieter, then in that case that some DVD (ISO) you should see bad then I opt for dvdfab to do it again from the original. Now I reply to the creator of the two special and wonderful programs of which is Lightning Uk !, then one thing however I have to say eh ahah that is with all the crap of programs that are in the circle type backup software that copy bad but I say just the were they supposed to stop? In my opinion because it was too good they will have it shut down, and others who copy badly have left them (I do not know the story and my business but a program of heart in my opinion with others of now splitting a mess) if only you could awaken;) yes I'm encouraging you Lighting ahah. However, I need a backup program that does the ISO and then burn them on a double-layer DVD so I can see my copies where and when I want and also want to launch them from the window ahahah. Imgburn always finalizes WOW;) said this I do not know what to say you're a great man to create the two software. Then as an alternative to other programs I use these dvd d and imgburn;) never give up and if you need donations even with little I try to do them ;-) thank you very much to everyone and good night or morning if it is morning with you. Dvd d it works great / funziona benissimo
  7. Riky90

    Help me please - ImgBurn

    Hi, I wrote a post several days ago about the dvd drcrypter and imgburn programs, but no one answered me .. Salve, Ho scritto un messaggio Diversi giorni fa un Riguardo i Programmi dvd drcrypter e ImgBurn, ma nessuno mi ha Riposto ..

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