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  1. Not sure why I even bothered to register to write this since the author simply dismisses users and suggesting they do not accept offers during the install.... but here goes anyway. The direct link http://download.imgburn.com/SetupImgBurn_2.5.8.0.exe does indeed install unwanted software, including malware, DESPITE not accepting any offers. In my case, I made sure to double check that no check boxes were left selected. I ended up with Chromium installed, along with a search bar extension for Chrome (and probably Chromium too, but I did not bother to check; just uninstalled Chromium), and some unknown antivirus software. And on top of that, MS Essentials quarantined an EXE file left in my temp directory since it contained Adware:Win32/Unwaders.A!ml. Lastly, none of these unwanted programs/adware had anything to do with the offers during the install program (some sort of drivers program that supposedly keeps your machine updated with all the latest drivers). I will probably end up wiping my Windows install and re-install with my slipstream just to be on the safe side.

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