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  1. Last month while burning some DVDs the v2580 program would occasionally stop burning and freeze and the only way to remove the disc is to shut down the computer..Thinking it appears to be my Liteon iHAS324 that was the problem and  since it was still under warranty I spoke with them and they replaced it with another one ( same model)....but the new one started doing it too.....I also have a Sony BD R/W drive on the same computer  which is about 3 yrs old and never had any problems..My question is  ...could this possibly be a IMG program bug ??....


    I checked the logs and because it froze no log was listed for the disc that failed..

  2. Hi

    I still burn music CDs and use ImgBurn all the time.  Attached is the CUE file from which I successfully burned a music CD.  Now I want to burn a second copy of the same CD.  So I went to File > Load Que and navigated to the proper directory to load the attached QUE file.  The filter does not show any files in the directory - until I select All Files and then select the attached file.  I get the message

    Invalid or unsupported file format!

    Reason:  Line 1 does not contain 'IBQ' or 'IBQ2'

    What am I doing wrong?


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