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    I've used 3 new dvd double layers trying to write a dvd movie. Very early in the process, I get the message, "Failed to write image. Invalid address for write. Internal target failure. What could be the problem?
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    Help with CUE File

    Hi I still burn music CDs and use ImgBurn all the time. Attached is the CUE file from which I successfully burned a music CD. Now I want to burn a second copy of the same CD. So I went to File > Load Que and navigated to the proper directory to load the attached QUE file. The filter does not show any files in the directory - until I select All Files and then select the attached file. I get the message Invalid or unsupported file format! Reason: Line 1 does not contain 'IBQ' or 'IBQ2' What am I doing wrong?

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