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    add folders and files to existing iso image

    oh, fwiw, i'm using Windows 7, which doesn't have native support for what i wanted to do. Later versions do have the right tools to do it, but I'm wedded to Win 7 "til death do us part".
  2. fiapoco

    add folders and files to existing iso image

    thanks for the reply. I'm a freebie only kinda guy - living on just Social Security, but I discovered 7zip and used it to extract the files from the iso, then added my activation files/folde and burned the 'modified' installation file/folder to a new iso, ready to burn to a cd/dvd or usb drive. I also stunbled across VirtualCloneDrive, which is really easy for old geezers like me to use. Again, thanks for the response, I really do appreciate it. Have a blessed day, er... evening.
  3. fiapoco

    add folders and files to existing iso image

    well, i didn't look far enough. I'm old and i forgot "Google is my friend'. 7zip extracted the iso and then Image Burn took care of the next step. Both free. So, never mind. But tis is a cool site and i absolutely love Image Burn - it is far superior, for my purposes, to all the other pretneders out there, both free and paid. Thank you, creator(s) of Image Burn.
  4. i've looked everywhere and I can't find the answers to 1) how to begin with an existing iso image file and create a new iso after adding other folders and/or files to the new image? 2) how to begin with an iso image file and convert/save it to a hard drive as "regular" folders/files instead of an iso (the reverse of creating an iso from folders/files on the hard drive, which is a standard choice in the ez picker mode)?

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