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  1. crazytaxi

    dual burners

    Thanks, will look for that program, if anyone has other programs, please let me know, I don't use 2 copies all the time, but it's handy when I have a program that does the trick...
  2. crazytaxi

    dual burners

    I read the whole topic, sorry, but I don't see any other burnprograms mentioned then Nero...(try to google it but the first 100 results, are non usable, but maybe I search for the wrong search terms?)
  3. crazytaxi

    dual burners

    I have a question, to bad that imgburn doesn't burn two iso's at ones, the batch-fuction will help, but only helps when you walk away and when you come back you have two copies. It doesn't help when you want to speed up things... I can startup imgburn 2x times, but I don't thing thats very save, the image (iso) will be read two times from my hd, to two different burners, insteed of read one time from my hd to two burners... Does anyone know a burnprogram (besides Nero) that can do this? Thanks! (and yes it's my first post @ the forum, but imgburn is straight to use program, so no questions from me, untill now)

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