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  1. Greetings .First, I wanted to say that this is the best software on the market in a big gap. And I thank you. But I have 3 questions and 2 problems :). 1. I want to create a udf file for blu-ray movie from bmdv folder. I want to create with a name that is in the Hebrew language. when the procedure is over. The Hebrew language is not displayed properly. only when i create a virtual disc If you can help it. 2. Also, I understand that a udf file is possible to display the file name with a limit of 126 letters. For some reason I always have a 32 letter restriction. If you can help it. 3. Is there a possibility when I create an udf file for a Blu-ray movie that will see a playback image in the disk drive icon when I create a virtual disk for example with virtual clonedrive

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