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    Buffer Size

    Is there any advantage to raising the buffer size from the default level of 40 MB to say 120MB if you have the RAM or HD size, whichever it uses. If 40MB is OK why is it adjustable? Thanks
  2. JimmyJoeBob

    Burn two disc at once

    I have used 2 instances of imgburn many times resulting a total burning time of less than than 2 seperate burns but longer than 1 with massive buffer flucations but all disc have played and have been checked with CDSpeed for errors and transfer rates. I was just looking for a 2@once trick. Thanks
  3. JimmyJoeBob

    Burn two disc at once

    Thanks kevdriver, the machine I use is a P4 3Ghz with 2GB PC3200 Ram and 2 Pioneer 111 drives and 2 250GB SATA drives. I was looking for something similar to what Nero does. So if I add them to queue I can burn the first then the other or burn both using different speeds on each drive. So if I use TY GO3 16x, one burner @ 8X then the other burner @12X at the same time it will be close to a duel burn.
  4. JimmyJoeBob

    Burn two disc at once

    Hello all! First post but past lurker. As the topic states, can you burn 2 disc from one instance of ImgBurn at a time. I have tried using 2 instances of ImgBurn at the same time but had great flucuations in the buffer resulting in waiting for it to recover to continue and produced longer burning times. I searched but didn't find exactly what I was looking for. Thanks LUK for a fantastic product.

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