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    ImgBurn uses ALL available memory.

    Wow, that is *exactly* what Task Manager showed for me. A steady climb of memory usage, then a sudden dropped as soon as the burn finished (or I canceled it). It seemed like the cause was that the ISO was open in multiple applications. Both ImgBurn and uTorrent. I closed uTorrent, and Windows stopped trying to cache the entire ISO to RAM.
  2. Windows Vista Ultimate x64 SP1 Intel Dual Core CPU @ 3.2 GHz 4 Gigs of DDR2 800MHz RAM WD 640 Gig HDD, 7200 RPM, SATA2 I have all settings at default in ImgBurn. Memory usage for the actual program stays in the 40-200 meg range. The RAM mostly fills up with the DISK CACHE. It's not an issue if the image is under 2 Gigs, but when burning 4 gig, 5, gig, 8 gig, etc - my physical memory just starts filling up, and everything starts to get paged, and performance goes downhill fast. The image does get burned, but only after the drive stops and starts several times as Windows tries to page ImgBurn to disk as well. Any idea how to prevent this?
  3. Xenomorph

    I would just like to say...

    ImgBurn is probably one of the best, most feature rich burning programs out there. It has options and features that rival commercial burning packages.

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