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  1. batwell

    Delete a video file?

    I know Imgburn only burns, just thought someone may be able to help?? I have the video TS file
  2. batwell

    Delete a video file?

    Hi guys, Ok i have a problem and i need some help? I finished my 2 dicss of movies. Burnt one disc all good and made several copies. Sent the other disc out and my mate noticed one of the chapters the Audio is out of sinc with the Video! ANyway i can alter this without having to build the whole project again as i've deleted most the files of my computer??
  3. batwell

    Fomat DVD+RW

    Ok - Ill try tonight! Watch this speace....haha
  4. batwell

    Fomat DVD+RW

    I used Imation DVD+RW 4.7GB 25pk Spindle but i heard some programmes might have closed the discs?
  5. batwell

    Fomat DVD+RW

    Hi Guys, I have some RW's with some footage on - anyway i can wipe the discs as they are RW?? i understand some programmes close the discs hence why im in this position?? Thanks
  6. batwell


    Hi Guys, Pretty new to DVD making. Basically i made a Movie using Pinnacle for one disc and Movie maker (vista) for the other. I tried burning in programmes on +R but the discs didn't play in some players? I used Imgburn tonight and it's done the job great and the discs work on all players, i hav changed to -R too. Now i need to copy the 2 DVD i have burnt through ImgBurn...I understand i can't do this here? any good programmes? will it change the format so i can't play on all players again which i found with other burning programmes? Hope this makes sense Thanks Adam

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