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  1. Valeron

    my first dvd burner

    are Verbatim and Taiyo as reliable as each other? In terms of quality, yes. AFAIK, europe raise the tax of media by a large margin. The high prices is the penalty......for each other.
  2. Valeron

    my first dvd burner

    That's all quite well for now, but what about a year or two into the future? Look around the site for graphs of some year old cheap CMC media and see how well it holds up. Better to spend another 30% on a disc manufactured to last . I appriciate that verbs are the way to go in terms of 100% efficiency, but friends of mine have had a lot of success with various discs, including aones, riteks, cmcs and ricohs. if they last a year or more thats a risk some are willing to take. but in terms of cost, a case of 25 verbs will set you back
  3. Valeron

    my first dvd burner

    Pioneer 112D is the one u should go with. It's a great drive btw, u need an IDE port to drive it to work
  4. Mount the ISO in a virtual drive with Daemon Tools and, with ImgBurn in Build mode, add the VIDEO_TS folder from the virtual drive, then click the calculator button and ImgBurn should show you the possible layer break positions. thx, it's such a smart path! it's burning now^_^
  5. my HDD is out of space for another copy of this ISO.... if there's a way doesn't require extract the image again?
  6. I've got an DVD-Video ISO but without an MDS that indicate a layer break point, can I manual set that in ImgBurn? thx in advance

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